Grover Locking Tuners

1. Lay the guitar on a firm, flat surface with the peg head to your left.  
2. Place the string between the screw head and spacer.  
3. Grip the string firmly with your left hand and bend it around the post toward you to a 90 degree angle. (Note: Do Not wrap the string completely around the post.)  
4. While maintaining your grip on the string use the supplied Grover tool (or coin) and tighten the screw just enough to hold the string in place (Fig.1)
5. Now hold the tool (or coin) steady while turning the tuning peg counterclockwise 5-6 half turns. (Fig.2) (Note: Do Not over-tighten! This should be enough to lock the string in place.)

Split Shaft Tuners

1. Cut each string approximately 3 tuning pegs longer (2 1/2”) past the center of the post you are attaching it to.

2. Insert the string into the hole in the post. Make sure it reaches bottom.  
3. Bend the string at the split, hold it taught and tighten.