One of the best products we have found for cleaning and shining an Anderson guitar is Quick Detailer from Meguiar's. It should be easy to find at any store that sells car care products.

Shake well. Lightly mist it on the body surface and wipe with a soft, 100% cotton cloth. Turn the cloth to expose a dry section and buff to a luster. If the guitar needs just a light touch up, Quick Detailer can be applied directly to the cloth itself, wiped over the guitar and buffed to a shine. You can also use Quick Detailer on the back of all the necks, plastics and sparingly on metal parts to inhibit corrosion.

For an unfinished fingerboard surface, (dark wood) apply lemon oil a few times a year. It can be found at most hardware stores. It cleans and nourishes the unfinished wood safely. Apply the lemon oil to a soft, 100% cotton cloth and wipe on a generous amount. Wait a few seconds and buff off all excess oil with a separate clean, soft cloth.

Solid maple necks (all light colored wood) have a finished fingerboard surface and Quick Detailer is recommended for the entire neck, including the fingerboard area.

Always follow manufacture's precautions for safe usage.