We all know how cool it sounds to put larger gauge strings on a guitar and tune it lower. The sound can be really BIG and it can fill a song really well. The draw back is that the strings can get quite floppy feeling and sounding--especially if you want to tune down more than one half step. What do you do? Give up music? Not necessary! Never tune down and live without the lush lowered tones? That's a pretty big sacrifice. Or maybe you should just learn to put up with it. Nah, not now that Tom Anderson has created an all new guitar for just this application.

Not a long scale bass instrument with guitar strings and not a regular guitar with a longer neck stuck on but a baritone guitar with a 28 5/8" scale length. It's an all new design from the ground up. He chose a 28 5/8" scale length because it is exactly two frets longer that the traditional 25 1/2" scale you are familiar with--so capoing on the 2nd fret gets you back to normal. Cool huh? He started with the string plain and designed this new guitar around the extended scale. The pickups are located under the proper harmonics, the body dimensions are correctly proportioned, the weight distribution is balanced, string spacing is comfortable and it accommodates the larger string gauges naturally. And the's even bigger than a normal drop tune due to the extended low end and piano-like clarity. But perhaps best of all is, like all Andersons, it plays and still bends like butter!

Scott came up with the name. We call it the "Baritom Classic"! (Pronounced Bari-TOM) We had to talk Tom into the name but we like it. You can get it with any gauge of strings and tuned anyway you like. We built a pair to start. One was tuned to D with .011 gauge strings and the other with .013 to .072 tuned to B. Pete Anderson just ordered one tuned to C to take out on the road with Dwight Yoakam. It is available with all "The Classic" wood, pickup and switching choices so you can create the best Baritom Classic for you.