Short T  is a new branch of the T-family from Anderson Guitarworks—so cool.  Shorter scale–length (24 3/4-inch) versions of all our “T” style guitars.  We call 'em Shorty for short.

                                                          This model:

                                                    “T” Classic Shorty


Love it!  You will when you play it—no doubt about that.

So here's the story, short & sweet:

Short T is a shorter, 24 3/4-inch scale length, T-style guitar with customary pickguard—like our Hollow T Classic or T Classic but with the shorter scale length.  Only the services of traditional "long-scale" woods are enlisted to insure that all desired T-ness remains soundly in tact.

Are you asking:

...and why, what are the beneficial benefits of the new Anderson attributes attained by way of the Short T?

What a question, but here it is in short form: