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Our journey for information concerning The Classic

took us to an undisclosed, mysterious location high in the Andes (short for Anderson, I think) mountains where the monks are said to gig—and gig with passion.  They will know the answer.

  We asked the question again:


  Is The Classic the most profound, best playing

  and  best sounding vintage double-cut-away

  electric guitar on Earth?

Silence followed...only the sound of a songbird could be heard in the background...and then the answer came forth with a resounding:



.And silence again.

Clearly undisputed, "Yes!" was their answer.

We asked for more detail, please, and got the whole story:

When something remains as an unrealized dream for long enough it becomes a fantasy.  A fantasy is the belief that there is no such thing in the real world. This is a mindset that surrounds the legend of the "vintage guitar." That it is unobtainable.  That you cannot have a vintage instrument that will play like lightning, sing like angels and be reasonably priced.

But when we look deeply, we see that this is a mistaken perception and once perception is corrected, bliss returns.  Bliss is restored to the musical world in the form of: The Classic

The Classic is the vintage guitar of your wildest dreams—and beyond—the one you always knew should exist but you were unable to touch in physical form...until now.

For a pure vintage vibe, an Alder or Swamp Ash body is hand-selected and kiln dried to perfection.

For those players who love this style of guitar but want to step out in a more modern vain, we assist you in concentrating your tonal foundation with body wood of:

One of the primary assets that makes a dream guitar a dream guitar is the way the neck feels as you wrap around it.  The Classic facilitates its now-legendary, effortless, buttered-lightning playability in a variety of woods and many sizes—so it is a fit of perfection for you.

Anderson Guitarworks entire pickup line has been conscientiously and meticulously transformed to corroborate a more soulful experience than ever before.  All Anderson pickup models are ready and waiting for application into The Classic so you can outfit yours to handle your favorite tunes—and more.

All of our impressively versatile and simple-as-pie (your favorite flavor, of course) -to-operate switching systems are available for The Classic.

Hello......Hollow Classic

As we stood atop the plateau and gazed out over the Andes region, I playfully called out:









The natural response came back:                                                  

Hellooooooo                                                                                                              Hellooooooo 


Hellooooooo                                                                                   Hellooooooo

Bouncing off the walls of the surrounding structures below.


That was fun so I called out again, but accidently misspoke the word "hello," I said:







And the answer reverberated back:


Anderson                                                                                                               Hollow Classic

                                                                  Hollow Classic

 Hollow Classic                                                                                   Anderson 

                                     Hollow Classic


That's a little weird.  Isn't this just an echo?  I turned to our "gigging monk" and with a great sense of harmony he elaborated:

As with all hollow Anderson Guitars, Hollow Classic utilizes visually undetectable, sealed chambers—so there is no outwardly discernible difference when visually scrutinizing The Classic in contrast to a Hollow Classic, and no feedback issues—all is well behaved under all applications—very thoughtful.

Hollowing creates a slightly different effect with each Anderson guitar model to which it is applied, as the outside shape and and body wood coincide to create tonal distinction.

Sonically, opting for Hollow Classic opens "S" characteristics in an expanded way—softer attack with extreme "S-style guitar" demeanor—most percussive, plucky, cushy, laidback and quacky "S" ever! 

Why choose hollow?: Perhaps the most obvious reason to strap into a Hollow Classic, as your main classic axe, is weight reduction.  The Classic (solid body), with its svelte solid-body, is not a heavy guitar—in fact it is on the lighter side of vintage instruments, and very nice to hold.  But If an extremely lightweight, beautiful playing instrument with delicate "S" tones is your requirement, Hollow Classic is your new best friend.

Body woods facilitating Hollow Classic's sonic suppleness:


Detailed model options are available on the "Ready to Order" tab.