began as an unobtrusive concept that slowly simmered in our thoughts until the time was just right.  From that moment of critical mass, Bulldog quickly rose to life—the ultimate purebred Anderson Guitar of a different pedigree. 

Phone, email and other forms of communication—maybe even a prophetic dream or two—all spoke (beseeched really) of the same thing—requesting that Anderson Guitarworks give form, life and huge amounts of Anderson essence to an all new and thoroughly unique guitar of this genre.  Certainly not another something of the same thing but an incomparable instrument with all Anderson attributes and refinements in place—ready to come out and play—to rule over its domain.


...is here...

As it is with virtually all guitar body profiles brought forth from every guitar manufacture on Earth since the early 50's, they are all based on a look of tradition and accepted function—like most car models that have 4 wheels, engines and grills in front and doors that open outward—you get the idea.


Tradition comes to an abrupt and decisive halt as soon as you give this masterful instrument more than a mere moment’s glance.

Strap in, (who could resist that invitation?) and Anderson elements immediately make themselves known as Bulldog clearly demonstrates its prestigious pedigree—refinement and elevated function—obviously, all Anderson.

In shape and physically fit, Bulldog's body is "cut"

Premium, Anderson hand-selected mahogany is kiln dried to perfection and carved ever so slightly sleeker. This means Bulldog weighs in under a mere 8 pounds—lighter than other instruments in this class, for sure. Makes you ready, willing and able to play all night long. They'll have to pry it from your happy hands at the end of the gig. “Come on, just one more song!”

Encircling the entire back circumference of the body, a smooth, soft-cut radius makes nuzzling up to this "puppy" for an entire night of gigging nothing but a welcome event.

And it does'’t stop there...of course.

As you gaze transfixed directly into the face of this guitar, you cannot help but be taken back by the majesty of its features. Crowning the beauty of its carved-top is a gorgeous countersunk application of bridge, tailpiece and even pickup mounting rings.

Now, how totally cool looking is that?

Very cool, for sure! But these stunning appointments are more than for the mere look of coolness alone. Application of this slight countersink changes the angle at which your forearm approaches the string plane and allows the arm to be supported evenly and comfortably across the entire face of the guitar, instead of touching down on only two small points. The result is blissful comfort from an instrument that features customary tilt-back neck-to-body geometry.

And speaking of bridges (countersunk, of course)

Standard fare for "Bully" is a lightweight Tune-o-matic style bridge, delivering traditional midrange bump and thump - awesome!  But when your music calls you to greater diversity, standard Bulldog can be outfitted with a Vintage-style Tremolo Bridge for more intricate pitch variations.  Sonically, the tremolo application adds an aliveness and vibrancy that is especially noticable on the lower register strings, as they ring out with slightly more pronunciation - clear and energetic bottom end timbre.




Making Bulldog sit—on your leg nicely—as you relax to play your more soulful passages is a cooperative experience. Responsibility for this good behavior is found in the body’s re-engineered silhouette. Migration of the svelte waist-cut rearward flows to a shorter, slightly narrowed lower body half with a flattened bottom that welcomes the addition of Anderson’s traditional twin strap button arrangement. This comes together in complementary fashion with a widened front section and cut-away horn that is shortened, rounded and splays further outward to re-distribute and balance Bulldog’s center of gravity quite nicely.

Rocketing up the neck,

The deeper body cut-away grants easier access to the highest regions of the fretboard, where Anderson Stainless Steel frets glisten under the lights, and promise and deliver the most rewarding playing experience of your life, while imparting all of their contact string tone directly into the neck wood.  String bending and vibrato is oh, so legato and so invitingly rewarding that you literally will not want to put this "good dog" down—maybe ever.

And rocketing back down the neck, while fully enraptured in it's pure playability, you notice...

What...3-on-a-side headstock?

We were driven to do such a thing only if we could achieve fully functional headstock perfection and strength—and achieve it we did, with this look and layout.

Bulldog's compact headstock profile and non tilt-back design allows for nearly straight string pull—a quality virtually, or never, seen with a 3-on-a-side design. This Anderson asset means unparalleled tuning ease and stability, while you could (figuratively) back a truck over the neck-to-headstock joint without damage. There will be no more arriving to the gig and discovering a broken tilt-back headstock joint when you open your case. Talk about guitar trauma!  This can sure ruin an evening.

Rest easy now. Everything is all right. We've got you covered. You are safe with Bulldog in your hands or in its case. Plug in, tune easy and play—all night long—sweet, rich, sustain-for-days and so in-tune—very nice.

Is that a traditional 3-Way, I see (switch, that is)?

Why, yes it is!  A traditional 3-Way is the fastest and “funnest” way in which to switch between pickups because it has the most positive and familiar tactile feel.

...But, of course there is more...

Dual push/pull switches, sequestered within each tone pot, enable each pickup to be switched to a single coil-type tone. The result is 8 hum-free sounds from a simple-as-can-be 3-Way. So sonically versatile is Bulldog, that you can make it through a whole night of playing without changing guitars—if that is your desire.  It is supremely satisfying to have a guitar of this genre that is able to "cop" the extreme "other guitar sound" in the middle of a tune or a set, without a stop and change of instruments.

When is enough, enough? Did anyone say, "more switching?"

If even more is a must, our VA Booster (a slight 3db boost that adds a touch of saturation and oomph) can be applied to all 8 settings on the guitar for pure fun.

Once you've played Bulldog you will be in love all over again—oh yes you will.


choices at a glance 




  • Solid Body


  • 24 3/4-inch


  • Carved Flame Maple Top on Mahogany Back
  • Carved Mahogany Top on Mahogany Back


  • Mahogany with Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Solid Rosewood


  • Matching Gloss (n/a on solid Rosewood neck)
  • Black
  • Natural Gloss
  • Natural Satin


  • Color Matching Satin (n/a on solid Rosewood neck)
  • Natural Satin on Solid Rosewood


  • Even-Taper—slim backshape
  • Even-Taper +.030, +.050, +.070, +.100—increased depth
  • Happy Medium
  • Happy Medium +.030, +.050—increased depth
  • 60’s Vibe
  • 60’s Vibe +.020—increased depth
  • 50’s V—Small
  • 50’s V—Large


  • 1 11/16-inch
  • 1 5/8-inch


  • 24 3/4-inch


  • Heavy—Exclusive Anderson Stainless Steel
  • Medium—Exclusive Anderson Stainless Steel
  • Small—Exclusive Anderson Stainless Steel
  • Jumbo—Exclusive Anderson Stainless Steel


  • Tune-o-matic
  • Vintage Tremolo


  • Locking


  • Chrome
  • Gold


  • N/A


  • Any Anderson Full-Sized Humbucking
  • M1 hiding under full sized humbucker cover
  • PQ1 or PQ1-


  • Any Anderson Full-Sized Humbucker
  • M2 or M3 hiding under full sized humbucker cover
  • PQ2 or PQ3


  • 3-Way, 4 Knob with two Push/Pull for single coil sounds
  • 3-Way, 4 Knob with two Push/Pull for single coil sounds + Boost






  • Nickel
  • Gold
  • Black
  • Raw Nickel

  • Cream
  • Black


(for humbucks)

  • Cream or Black


  • Your Choice—Elixir® with NANOWEB® Coating


  • See Drop-Down Color List That Corresponds to Your Body Wood Choice on the Guitar Gallery Page