And last but not least, it is your friend Pete Anderson. Pete is best known as Dwight Yoakam's guitar player, producer and musical director. When he poses for pictures he always gives the camera the "tough-guy look." But he is anything but that. We may be letting out industry secrets here, but this man is silly and extremely fun. We always have the best time together. Here he is pictured playing the Lake Placid Blue, Hollow T Classic and shrieking, "This is a great guitar! What is this one?" We explained that it is an all alder, Hollow T Classic with a maple neck and loaded with Anderson TV1 and TV3 pickups for the most gigantic, clear single coil tone ever. And as we stated earlier, Cameron at Grandma's Music in Albuquerque, New Mexico is the lucky recipient.

Thanks for coming to NAMM with us. See you soon.