Meet Nick Sterling. You may have seen him before on our web site. He is now 11 years old and is an absolutely amazing guitarist. He never fails to draw a crowd whenever he plays. You should have seen the heads turn and the people clogging the isles when he was jamming at the Anderson booth on his own 6120 Orange, Drop Top. He is so good, in fact, he opened for Eric Johnson in Phoenix, Arizona last week. Watch for extraordinary things to come from Nick who, with the loving support of his wonderful family, will always remain a very nice guy. It is that magic quality in combination with his remarkable talent that will take him to the stars in safety. Many wonder if another guitar hero is on the horizon. This may be a good place from which to watch the sunrise.

Tom and Nick together with Nick's 6120 Orange, Drop Top. Note: Behind Tom to the right is the legendary Cameron from Grandma's Music. He came home with the Lake Placid Blue, Hollow T Classic that his buddy is checking out. Also, notice the Cherry Burst, Alder backed, Hollow Drop Top Classic that went to Buddy Roger's Music in Cincinnati, Ohio. That one had tone for days!