Guitars Of The Week:
The Week of December, 28 2003 through January, 1 2004

Cobra S
Maple Top on Mahogany
Transparent Purple Burst with Binding

It’s the Holiday Season, sing with us:

On the 4th Day of (fill in the blank with your favorite holiday),
My true love gave to me,
An amazing Cobra S
Finished in this first-ever Translucent Purple Burst color
And loaded with a set of the brand new M1, M1 & M3 pickups.

Okay, wait, that doesn’t rhyme at all. Let’s not sing. But…

What do you imagine Sal is going to be thinking and feeling as he pops open the latches of the case and lifts the lid to first lay eyes on his brand new Cobra S—that he specced out?

The smell of “New Anderson” will fill his olfactory senses. As it still lies in it crushed-velvet case, he will eagerly examine the brand new Trans Purple Burst finish that he had requested we create especially for him—a good choice, Sal.

He will remove the fret protector from the neck by sliding it down toward the neck pickup until the pad clears the fingerboard and then out sideways to reveal an elegantly highlighted example of African Rosewood with perfectly dressed Anderson Stainless Steel frets glistening in the glow of holiday lighting.

He will lift the Cobra S from its case and want to run to the window to see the medium-dark finish come alive—as if under stage lights. But he will not be able—not yet anyway. First, he must hold it close and feel the precisely sculpted body contours hug him in such away as if to say, “Play me and I will be your friend forever. I will help your music flow forth on stage and in the studio without hesitation.” What more could you ask from an instrument?

Sal will surely run his hands along the back of the neck and feel the sleek, T/A Standard neck carve and be drawn into playing for hours as he experiences the slick natural-wood feel of Anderson’s exclusive satin finish. He will call to those in the other room to come and hear how loud, robust and resonant his new Cobra S is—even unplugged.

Only after he has played almost every song he knows, will he rise to his feet and examine the Translucent Purple Burst finish under more intense light. It is at this point that he will need someone standing by to catch him as he witnesses, for the first time, the real depth and multifariousness of his new color. What were once only subtle nuances now leap-forth to caress the optic nerve. Never seen before and never to be seen exactly the same way again, the pure beauty and uniqueness of natural wood grain.

With guitar in hand and after a cool drink to regain his composure, he will sit before his favorite amp and flip the switch, allowing the tubes to warm on “Standby.” As the filaments glow the guitar cable will join the two instruments as one.

A strum of an E chord and a few very subtle EQ changes preface the inaugural song in which Sal will become one of the first players in the world to actually experience the M-Series pickups in person. (Being daring enough to order the first M-Series Cobra S certainly has its rewards.) What he hears will change his guitar playing forever—for the better!

Yes, the M1s in the neck and middle positions can take him to a world of enormous, full-bodied, clear, tradition-orientated, single coil tones only before imagined—and remain fully hum-canceling. Yet, the 1s can also offer themselves as open, life-breathing humbuckers when needed. But the most impressive thing by far is the voice with which they speak their message. “Unbelievably musical,” is the term that comes to mind as a sweetly percussive pick-attack blossoms into a perfect blend of rich overtones and resolute fundamental, creating a sumptuously harmonious experience. His amp will react accordingly, loving everything offered it. Engaging the M3 introduces a bridge pickup with the same awe-inspiring inflections but with a mildly increased output to match that of a stepped-up vintage humbucker.

It will be hard for Sal to find something his new Cobra S won’t do well and harder still for him to ever put it down.


• MODEL: – Cobra S

• FINISH: – Transparent Purple Burst with Binding

• BODY WOOD: – Quilt Maple Top with Mahogany Back

• BODY WOOD BACK COLOR: – Metallic Purple

• NECK WOOD: – Mahogany with African Rosewood Fingerboard



• NECK BACKSHAPE: – T/A Standard for Cobra (TA CO)

• NUT WIDTH: – 1 11/16-inch

• SCALE LENGTH: – 24 3/4-inch

• FRETS: – Heavy—Exclusive Anderson Stainless Steel

• BRIDGE: – Vintage Tremolo with Powerbridge—for Plugged In Acoustic Guitar Sounds

• TUNING GEAR: – Locking






• SWITCHING: – B5 for M-Series—for 10 Sounds



• STRING GAUGE REQUESTED: – .010-.046 Elixir Nanoweb

• DESTINATION/LOCATION: – Russo Music/Trenton, New Jersey

• 12-02-03P

Cobra S
Maple Top on Mahogany
Transparent Purple Burst with Binding

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