Guitars Of The Week:
The Week of December, 20 1999 through January, 10 2000

Hollow Drop Top Classic
Maple Top on Hollow Basswood
Translucent Amber Burst with Binding

Is this a beautiful guitar? The color combination is so striking. Many players are quite moved by this one’s looks but we cannot take all the credit. In fact Transparent Amber, Cherry Burst and Transparent Amber Burst, Drop Top Classics were only ordered with pearl white pickguards until that day the phone rang.

“Ring, ring.” “Tom Anderson Guitarworks.” “Hi,” said the voice on the other end of the phone, “This is John. I am with Crosby, Stills and Nash. We are rehearsing here in Hollywood. We have a big tour coming up and I got Graham Nash an Anderson, Hollow T Classic to try from the Boogie Factory Store on Sunset Blvd.” “Oh, thank you,” was my reply. “He freaked out,” John continued. “He loves it. He has to have another one. We were all going to hop in the car and come right up there but we didn’t want to bother you guys.” “I think it would be okay to bother us,” I responded with a chuckle. We enjoy meeting people anyway so I thought that it would probably be okay if a couple of “living legends” came by to visit. “Well, if you’re sure it’s okay, John said nicely, perhaps we’ll be able to drop by tomorrow morning sometime—schedule permitting.” “That would be great,” I said. “We hope to see you tomorrow.”

I hung up the phone and got up from my chair. I casually ran into the wood shop where Jesse, Tom, Chuck and Tino were working. Tom and Jesse are both big Crosby, Stills and Nash fans. I nonchalantly said, “Did I happen to mention that someone from Crosby, Stills and Nash may--just may mind you--drop by tomorrow morning.” I regaled them with the rest of the details. Everyone was thrilled that he loved the guitar but we wouldn’t get our hopes up for a visit. We’d just wait and see.

Well, the next day at 9:00am in walks John Gonzales, Jeff Pevar and Graham Nash. They were all very nice. Graham walked up to several of us, offered a handshake and very politely said, “Hi, I am Graham Nash” (as if we didn’t know). They stayed for several hours. He was very enthusiastic and loved everything we showed him. Jeff Pevar played guitar a bit as well. Man is he good. He plays with David Crosby in the band he has with his son--CPR. Jeff is the “P.” Graham ordered two more guitars for himself and they took 3 wood tops for David to choose one for his guitar.

The next day John stopped by, returned the wood and ordered David’s guitar. It was a Cherry Burst Hollow Drop Top Classic with a Tortoise Shell pickguard. How would that look? Well, it looked fantastic.

It wasn’t long afterwards that Jeff Pevar ordered a Hollow Classic for himself and guess what color scheme he got? Right, Translucent Amber Burst with a Tortoise Shell pickguard and it looked great.

This “Guitar of the Week” is a Hollow Drop Top Classic. Its beautifully figured maple top, basswood backed body is painted Translucent Amber and contrasted with a Tortoise Shell pickguard. Its +.030 T/A Standard backshape neck is slightly bigger that our T/A Standard shape and is great for those who want just a bit more to hold on to. This is one of my favorites--or maybe they’re all my favorites. I just don’t know anymore. What’s better, cake or ice cream?

Anyway, the neck wood is perfectly-chosen Eastern Hardrock Maple with a Madagascar rosewood fingerboard and a headstock that is painted to match the amber of the body. The single coil pickups are the rich and clear sounding SA1R and SA1. They can be run as a true single coil or hum canceling. The bridge pickup is an H2 humbucker. Its tone is full and articulate with medium output—stronger than vintage but not hot. Quite a good balance with the single coils.

The Anderson pickups are controlled from our B5 switching system and optional add-bridge push/pull switch located on the tone control. This system allows for 7 (not 5) pickup combinations. All the pickups can be run in either split or series except for the bridge pickup, which is switched to full power automatically in position 5 for instant soloing. In total that gives you 13 different tonal variations.

Now if all this isn’t enough, there’s Tom standing in the Anderson NAMM booth when David Crosby walked in. He walked straight up to Tom and said, “Tom Anderson.” Tom replied, “Yes.” “I’ve got a bone to pick with you,” he went on, “Ever since I got my Tom Anderson guitar I have not taken any of my other electric guitars out of their cases and I’ve got some nice ones. I just love my Anderson and don’t want to play anything else.”

Well thank you David. I know the feeling. Thank you John. Thank you Graham, thank you Jeff and thank you Tom Anderson and everyone here for caring enough to do it right.

There’s nothing tackier than these annual holiday brag fest letters, but hey, it’s what you have to do when you have so many friends and so much to tell! Life has been good here in Andersonville, as you can see from our shining faces. Starting in the back row left, Dave W just got back from taking vacation days to get work done on his car. The vacation proved profitable as he got a teching gig and once again returned to the silver screen with a movie appearance. Ralph is beaming over the wheels he got this year which he has licensed “IN2MYO2.” We see Tory about once a week. His and Janelle’s little Aaron acts just like his dad, the tormentor! Tom, our leader, is now the shortest male in the Anderson household. He and Catherine have kept busy attending high school senior Ben’s water polo matches, sophomore Dave’s baseball games and freshman Laura’s cross country and basketball. Art’s gigging constantly but he and Sharon will no doubt be challenged managing Vivian’s career--she had a speaking part in Cinderella at the Civic Arts Plaza. Laurie vacationed in the US for a change, and three of the trips were singing related. A real joy! Bruce on the other hand, did Europe in style including London and the Riviera. Roy’s big trip was to move himself, Valerie, Sean and dog out to Newbury Park--no more two hour plus daily commutes. Roy’s a big hit in Sean’s kindergarten class where he played last Friday for the sing a long. Bob and Trevor can be seen jetting about town in Bob’s sleek Mustang. What is it you’ve upgraded this week, Bob? Chuck happily drives to his new home--it’s much more fun than bicycling--and to billiards games far and near. In the first row, Steve’s tan is fading from his Hawaii vacation, but no doubt there are UV rays coming from the computer screen as he manipulates all those pictures. Jesse is as irrepressible as always and made it back to North Carolina this year to restock with his amazing and entertaining stories. Len continues to own the most international fleet of vehicles, but is rumored to be selling some of his motorcycles--any truth to that Edda? Dave P is thrilled to have paid off his hospital bill this year and celebrating the New Year in good health. Tino and Luz’s David is growing by leaps and bounds. And yes, that is the jesting spirit of Benny you see sitting in the car.

Oh yeah, and we had fun making another 800 guitars this year, introducing the Baritom Classic and an ever growing array of finishes.

Our life wouldn’t be the same without you and we thank you for all you’ve meant to us in this our fifteenth year in business. We wish you and yours all the best in the coming year! .

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