Guitars Of The Week:
The Week of November, 8 1999 through November, 15 1999

Hollow T Classic
Swamp Ash Top on Hollow Ash Back
Translucent Blonde

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what do I look like when I’m jamming on stage with my new Tom Anderson guitar? Well, if you play right-handed this is what your guitar would look like in the mirror as you stand in front of it admiring your great taste in electric guitars. However, if you are a wonderful, left-handed person like Jim Hill of Senseney Music in Wichita, KS, this is what it would look like from the stage.
Yes, it is true, Jim Hill is a wonderful person and not only a wonderful person but a great player as well. Everyone I know that knows him thinks so. And so, being such a wonderful person and a great player, I suppose he thought he should be playing a wonderful guitar. Guess what he chose? Well of course it is a Tom Anderson otherwise it would be hard to show it as our “Guitar Of The Week.”
Look closely at the picture. Notice anything different about the strings? Exactly, even though this is a lefty it is strung righty. He holds the guitar left-handed but he plays with the biggest string on the bottom so he could play your right-handed guitar but the cut-aways would be reversed. Well now with this, he gets the best of both worlds.
So, we have a beautiful, left-handed, translucent blonde, kind-of-vintage, kind-of-not, Hollow T Classic with body contours. For greater sonic versatility, Jim opted for 3 pickups, a TD1- in the neck position, an SA1 in the middle and a TD3 for the tail. They are controlled by a 5 way switch that delivers traditional 5 way pickup combinations, a master split toggle switch to run all pickups hum-cancelling or true single coil and a push/pull tone control to increase the pickup combinations by adding all 3 and neck + bridge pickups. Sonically, this guitar seems almost unlimited for single coil applications. Jim likes a Tom Anderson Standard neck backshape with a 1 5/8th nut width. It feels so sleek and fast.
He called this morning because it had just arrived at his store. Here are some of the superlatives used: “This is the best. I don’t ever need another guitar. I am celebrating. I’m very happy. This guitar is way unique. You guys are my favorite guitar company.” After I hung up, I immediately called my Mom to find out if she had sent Jim money to say these things but she said, “No, it must be Tom.” Okay, I knew it was Tom. These guitars are that good and they can really make playing even more fun. Thanks Jim.

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