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The Week of October, 25 1999 through October, 31 1999

Hollow Cobra S
Koa Top on Mahogany - Cobra

I guess when you've got it, you've got it. Score another one for Keith & Gelb Music in Redwood City CA. Never mind that Keith is a very fun, enjoyable and crazy guy who jokingly but continually badgered us until we finally put him on our Anderson user list (see next entry after Keith Richards), I don't ever think we have had a dealer get two "Guitar Of The Week" back to back but this one deserves it.
First off, the whole guitar is quite unique without stepping outside of "very usable." It is a Hollow Cobra S, a good beginning. It has the beautiful look of a koa top. Koa produces a distinctively beautiful tone when applied properly. It has a clear mid and upper-mid fullness that sounds very rich and warm thanks to the hollow sound chambers. It is complimented by the mid-power dual humbuckers, H1- and H2+. Thanks to the standard Cobra switching, these 2 pickups produce 6 great tonal combinations. The body is backed by mahogany as is the neck which boasts a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard. The neck shape is our Cobra Standard which gives you something to grab onto without sacrificing sleekness. It's love at first chord.
This guitar was so unique, played and sounded so excellent that I wouldn't be a bit surprised if one just like it showed up in the Tom Anderson booth at the next Los Angeles NAMM Show. Man, can Keith pick'um or what? I guess so because "The Guitar Of The Week" we sent them last week is already gone.
Thank you Keith. Thank you Erik, Ed, Kevin and all the silly guys of Gelb Music.

A special moment if you don't mind: Keith's mother fell and broke her hip the other day and Keith is flying down to be with her as I write this. If you don't mind sending a few special thoughts their way, we would greatly appreciate it.

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