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The Week of October, 8 2001 through October, 14 2001

Drop Top Classic
Maple Top on Basswood
Cajun Red Burst

May we allow God to Bless the Untied States of America and the world. This beautiful planet is filled with beautiful, loving people who are asking for a world of harmony—and they shall have it.

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The Latest from Ohio: There is big news concerning this first-of-its-kind Cajun Red Burst, Drop Top Classic. The gauntlet has been thrown down; the challenge has been issued. Kory, in a statement this morning to the New York Times, (I think) declared that, “No one will be able to pry this first Cajun Red Burst, Drop Top Classic from my grasp—not for any amount of money!” Apparently hundreds have already tried with no luck but sources close to Lang Music indicate that they do not see how Kory can hold out forever given the beauty of this unique instrument.

What follows is a recapitulation of the Cajun Red Burst story:

I’m sure most people must ask themselves, “What does Kory got that I haven’t got?” It is probably tough to be so admired but Kory is the cool-guy/owner of Lang Music in Columbus, Ohio. He is a great guitar player who is also a wild Downhill Mountain Bike rider. He knows what is good. Well, look what he has done now. It is a new finish color called Cajun Red Burst, that’s what he’s done. It went like this: He asked. We did. And the result is the very first Cajun Red Burst, Drop Top Classic on earth and it is at Lang Music right now!

However, there’s trouble—big trouble. Kory is now claiming this very first Cajun Red Burst, Drop Top Classic for himself. He says it is now his personal guitar and he’s going to love it and strap it on and plug it into his amp and play it and do amazingly rich complex chording and thunderously simple power chords and flowing effortless leads and take it to gigs and amaze his friends with its tone and hold it and talk to it and tell it bedtime stories and sing with it and name it George.

Okay, well maybe he knows best but take heart because this is what we know: This is, at least, Kory’s third amazing Anderson instrument. The first two were a Cajun Magenta Hollow Drop Top Classic and a Cajun Magenta Drop Top Classic respectively. But as much as he wanted to keep them he was not able. It was from his store’s window that he first spotted their silhouettes as they crossed the darkened street. Illuminated only by torchlight, a musical mob gathered outside the door. They chanted, in a musical sort of way,

“Sell us your guitar.
Andersons are best by far.
They are the best in town.
With tone and playability that do astound.”

(Well what do you want Shakespeare? Come on, they are a musical mob.)

Kory is a strong and determined man but he is also very compassionate. He had sympathy for the crowd’s elevated musical needs and agreed to sell them his beloved Cajun Magenta Hollow Drop Top Classic. A very similar scenario accompanied the arrival of his next Cajun Magenta Drop Top Classic. Now we are all wondering what will happen with the arrival of this first-of-its-kind Cajun Red Burst, Drop Top Classic? Will he keep it for himself? Can he keep it for himself, or will the need for excellence within the musical community prove to be too much? I know he feels the burden of being such a trendsetter but sometimes that is the price an icon must pay—and how do people keep finding out all about his exquisitely playing and radiant sounding personal Andersons anyway?


 MODEL: – Drop Top Classic

 FINISH: – Cajun Red Burst with Binding

 BODY WOOD: – Quilted Maple Top with Alder Back


 NECK WOOD: – Maple with Indian Rosewood Fingerboard



 NECK BACKSHAPE: – T/A Standard

 NUT WIDTH: – 1 5/8th-inch

 SCALE LENGTH: – 25 1/2-inch

 FRETS: – Jumbo

 BRIDGE: – Vintage Tremolo with Piezo Pickup


 PICKGUARD: – White Pearl




 SWITCHING: – B5 with Master Splitter, Push/Pull and Blower for 13 sounds




 DESTINATION/LOCATION: – Lang Music/Columbus, Ohio  09-13-01P

Drop Top Classic
Maple Top on Basswood
Cajun Red Burst

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