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Hollow Drop Top Classic
Maple Top on Basswood
Translucent Plum with Binding

So guess who I bumped into yesterday? Matthew Von Doran, that's who. He is on our artist list and his guitar was a "Guitar of the Week" a while ago. In fact his guitar was the last "Guitar of the Week" to not have a picture. This was back when we were trying to use words only to describe the Anderson experience. He explained to me how very broken hearted he was that his beautiful guitar was never pictured on our website and that he had the additional trauma of seeing guitars pictured in the "GOTW" section that very next week. I spoke with Matthew's psychiatrist and his mom and they both strongly suggested that we don't subject Matthew to anymore cruel and unusual punishment--plus his mom sent us some money. So we dug up this picture of his guitar. It is very beautiful and one of my favorite colors and I wanted to share with you anyway.
The following is a "reprint" of our original entry when he picked up the guitar. He also said to me yesterday that the thrill of this guitar has never gone away for him. He is as in love with playing it today as he was when it was brand new. So here it is.
Matthew Von Doran is a great guitar player. He plays for Scott Wilkie and has played with the Tim Moyer Band--just to name a few. In fact he is playing with Scott at the Newport Beach Jazz Festival this weekend. Anyway, Matthew must also be a very intelligent man because awhile back he ordered a Tom Anderson Hollow Drop Top Classic. Well, we finished it just in time and when he called and said he was playing this weekend, his guitar was ready for him.
Of course I had to play it before he got here to pick it up. So I played it and played it some more and some more. I loved it. Picture this: I opened the case to reveal a beautiful Trans Plum Hollow Drop Top Classic with a white pearl pickguard and a maple neck with a dark brown Madagascar rosewood fingerboard that had a hint of the same dark red color of the body paint. It was equipped with chrome hardware. The whole guitar glistened. But that is not all. Matthew selected a hum-single-hum pickup configuration and an X bridge. Wow, this guitar could play any style, from rockin' humbucker stuff to jazz to full single tones--all of these alone, blended with an acoustic guitar sound or acoustic sound alone. This guitar equipped this way has to be one of, if not the, most versatile guitars on the planet.
He left here very happy, saying that this was his main guitar forever. Well, if he's happy, we're happy because that is what it is really all about.
Thanks Matt.
Well that is how it was. Thanks again Matt for the use of your guitar, once again, and thanks Mrs.Von Doran for the money.

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