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Hollow Drop Top Classic
Maple Top on Hollow Basswood
Translucent Blue

In the back of my mind I was planning to continue this Classic theme we started a couple of weeks ago. Its been pretty fun. But then it happened--this Translucent Blue Hollow Drop Top Classic. Oh my gosh! It looks like this one is going to have to be "Guitar Of The Week." It is not my fault. All I did was pick it up to test-play it before shipping and it wouldn't let go of me. I tried to put it down but to no avail. The tone was so lush and rich and of course it played effortlessly--but the TONE!. So, I tried playing the new song I've been work on lately. The instrument was truly inspiring--it was!

Actually, it is in keeping with our Classic theme because this is a Hollow Drop Top Classic. We use the word Classic to indicated the classic look of a pickguard and this is the alternative for those who want a Classic instrument but love the look of the maple top. In fact, it is a very common desire of many players to want a Classic instrument but want the maple top as well. Well then, this is their guitar.

The body of this one is a hollow chambered, beautiful flamed, maple top with a basswood back. Vintage woods produce more complex overtones than does a body with some maple. That fact is neither good nor bad it just is and the only thing that matters is the tone you prefer. However, the hollow chambers seem to return about 50% of the complexity to the overtones making this the perfect guitar for that player we were discussing above.

The pickups are the SA1R SA1 and H2. SAs were designed by Tom Anderson Pickupworks for the softer middle of swamp ash and hollow chambered guitars and they sound great. They are a warm, rich, strong, single coil tone that has plenty of soft, percussive clarity. The H2 is one of our mid power humbuckers--Tom's personal favorite I think. It has a lot of usable midrange without being too narrow or too much bottom end--kind of a hot modified vintage tone (whatever that means). It's good.

With the "switcheroo" switching system you are able to get any combination of pickups wired in series, split or parallel and then, with one click, go to the bridge pickup full power for soloing. This switching gives you amazing control.

While holding this guitar an listening to the lush tones gush forth, I was able to get around the fingerboard effortlessly with its T/A standard neck backshape and heavy frets. This is our most popular neck combination.

This was a guitar I did not want to put down so finally Steve had to pry it from my hands and send it to Dan at Cornerstone Music in Beckley WV. Dan is not going to believe this one. If you think I've been a bit gushy describing this Trans Blue Hollow Drop Top Classic all you will have to do is play it and you'll see. You'll see!

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