Guitars Of The Week:
The Week of September, 20 1999 through September, 27 1999

The Classic
Swamp Ash Top on Hollow Ash Back
Translucent Plum

What would be a most fitting follow up for what we started last week? Why don't we continue "The Classic" theme since we were having such a good time. Last week we showed three guitars, an Alder Classic with VA pickups, a solid Ash Classic with VA pickups and an Alder Classic with SD pickups. (See "Guitar Of The Week Archives" for last week)

This week's guitar(s) is a very popular one for us with "vintage players." It is the Hollow Ash Classic loaded with our vintage-style VA pickups. The color is a "non-vintage" Translucent Plum. It really sends me and a lot of other people as well. It always seems to get oohs and ahs and people pointing and saying "I love that color. "We see this model most often painted a 2 color burst or translucent blonde color to replicate vintage instruments so Trans Plum is a nice change.

The hollow swamp ash body in combination with the VA pickups creates an extremely soft, percussive, harmonically rich, vintage tone. It definitely has the ash tone we spoke of last week but with a bit more complexity and less sharpness to the highs.

This guitar has a solid maple neck with our standard Tom Anderson backshape. The backshape is sleek with an even taper from nut to heel--very fast and easy to play. Its white pearl pickguard is loaded with our VA1,VA1R and VA2 pickups. They are controlled with a 5 way switch and our add neck push/pull switch on the tone control. This switching allows two more pickup combinations than the traditional--all three pickups and neck and bridge. This makes a vintage instrument so much more versatile.

All I can say is that Eddie Berman at The Music Loft in Raleigh NC must live right because he is receiving this beautiful guitar as well and he will love the tones this one creates and so will you--well, what's not to love?

Hollow Classic
Swamp Ash Top on Hollow Ash Back
Bora Bora Blue

Hi there and welcome to the other most popular version of our Hollow Ash Classic. If you have not yet read the story about the Trans Plum Hollow Ash Classic from this week, please read it first. This is the same wonderful guitar but loaded with our SA1, SA1R and SA2 hum-cancelling single coils. Spectacular is the first word that comes to mind when I hear this one. It is hugely fat and full without losing any of that beautiful high end sparkle and soft mids that is the sought after swamp ash tone.

Bora Bora Blue continues to be a favorite color and you can see why. Painted on swamp ash its turquoise color is slightly greener than it is on a maple topped guitar. The color is gorgeous in person. I hope you can appreciate its beauty on your monitor.

This one has our +.030 T/A neck backshape. That means it is our Tom Anderson neck backshape that is +.030 of an inch deeper--+030 is about the thickness of an A string on a set of .009s. This is a very popular neckshape for us. And of course it plays effortlessly.

Who is the lucky dealer that gets to experience these lush tones first? Why it is Castellano's House of Music in Staten Island New York. They're very nice guys. Stop by at lunch time and they may buy you a pizza and let you take home your very own Bora Bora Blue Hollow Ash Classic.

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