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The Classic
3 Color Burst

Are you one who thinks that classic vintage sounds can only come from one place and that you must wrestle with the instrument to get them out? Well, today is a very good day and this is your gift. We call it "The Classic"--for a reason. We love vintage instruments, just like many players, but we dreamed of a guitar that always created those sweet sounds and also played effortlessly. I personally own one of these and playing it always leaves me in awe. I'll share it to you one day.
As for today, let's check out this 3 Color Burst Alder Classic. It was ordered by a very good player named Glenn who went into A&V Music in Huntington Beach California. He was looking for the ultimate vintage guitar. He played some vintage guitars and he tried a few Anderson Classics equipped with our vintage VA pickups and fell in love. He also wanted it equipped with an X-bridge, so he special ordered his Anderson and then waited patiently--sort of.

So the wait is finally over and Glenn is happy. He opted for an alder bodied Classic. Alder is the best choice for that fatter vintage tone. He got a maple neck with a Madagascar rosewood fingerboard. Most people hear rosewood as producing a bit more bottom than solid maple. He likes the traditional feel of our 62 round back neck shape. The extra knob and switch you see on the guitar controls the X-bridge's acoustic guitar tones. An x-bridge adds "plugged-in" acoustic guitar sounds to the electric tone. The 5 way switch accesses the 5 traditional pickup combinations but with the addition of an invisible push/pull switch Glenn can also access all 3 pickups or neck and bridge pickup combinations.

But maybe the coolest thing of all is the bridge pickup itself. It is our new VA12. When our vintage VA series pickups are selected, the VA2 is usually the pickup of choice for the bridge position. It is a slightly thicker, more powerful pickup that balances with the output of our true-vintage VA1s in the neck and middle positions. The great thing about the VA2 is that it retains all of that beautiful vintage character, clarity and feel that is usually lost with "hot-vintage" pickups. It is fabulous! So the new VA12 has those same characteristics but when the 5 way switch is switched to position 4, (middle and bridge pickups on) the VA12 is a VA1 but when switched to position 5 it has the sound of a VA2--very nice. So if you want a totally traditional position 4 but want a slighter beefier position 5 this is your pickup. If you prefer a slightly thicker 4 position opt for a VA2. Either way you can get nothing but great tones. This guitar deviates from the vintage look with its striking white pearl pickguard which blends perfectly with the coffee dipped pickup covers.

Glenn, this is our gift. We hope you love it and have many years of Happy Playing.

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