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Hollow Drop Top Classic
Maple Top on Basswood
Light Tiger Eye Burst with Binding

Gary had a vision. He wanted a Hollow Drop Top Classic. He wanted it to be painted Tiger Eye Burst but not just any Tiger Eye Burst. He wanted it to match the first Anderson web site posting of that color. Unfortunately, we had had a bit of difficulty getting that first picture to replicate the actual shade. On the site it ended up lighter than the real Tiger Eye Burst. I explained this to Gary but it was very important to him that he have this lighter hue. Apparently the color of the picture closely matched an actual Tiger Eye jewel that his daughter had found in Sedona Arizona. Some say that Sedona is a very magical place.

He sent in a Xeroxed picture demonstrating the coloration he was seeking. If you have ever matched paint to a picture you know that it is almost impossible. You quickly discover that a picture does not show enough depth of detail to accurately reproduce the exact complexion. What were we going to do now? Give up? No. Let’s give the picture to Chuck. You know, Chuck, the “Dreaded Keeper of the Stone.” Chuck Downe is our esteemed and extremely gifted head of the Finish Department here at Tom Anderson Guitarworks. If you are wondering why we refer to him as the “Dreaded Keeper of the Stone,” you must check out the “Guitar of the Week Archives for March 12, 2000 and April 16, 2000. You’ll find it fun and informative. Just move to the very bottom of this page and click on “Guitar of the Week Archives.”

Chuck worked feverishly to replicate the color in the picture. When he was done the shade was not quite a dead match to the Xerox but it looked stunning. We all thought he had created something more beautiful than the original but he was concerned that Gary might not be satisfied. We assured him that Gary would surely like it. The guitar was completed and shipped to Keith and Erik at Gelb Music in Redwood City, CA, where Gary would take delivery of his unique Hollow Drop Top Classic.

What follows are excerpts from a letter we received from Gary after he picked up his guitar from the wonderful Gelb Music:

OK, all,

There is no hype—nada, none, zip. Everything people say about you all is true. This afternoon, I got a call from Keith at Gelb. I was at work. He left a very simple voicemail. All Keith said is, "I opened the case from Anderson and your guitar is stunning."

I rush from work to the store and skid into Gelb Music just before they close. I walk in the door. There's Keith and Erik. Both just smile easily and outstretch their hands in celebration. "Sit down," says Keith which is really ridiculous if you've ever been to Gelb. All eyes are on the case; even other customers are told to, "Watch this!" Writing invoices stops. There is an electric calm.

I cautiously open the case and peek at my new Hollow Drop Top Classic. It is spectacular, and plays even better. It is as though it must be 45 years old in spirit and in feel. It was worth every #@%!&* painful, patience-challenged minute of waiting for it to arrive.

I will write more later. Right now, it is late and I simply want to thank some of you that I know were involved. To everyone else, I offer my deepest gratitude.

Thanks to: Laurie, for always being friendly and helpful and acting like I was your only customer.
Roy, for your humor and attention to my many questions.
Chuck, for patiently answering my many questions about color. I have a tiger eye stone, and the color you created is perfect. I am serious. Not really good—Perfect!
To Tom for creating such an incredible space in the world for you and your crafts people to build exquisite sounding instruments. And for the magic that we players create when we use the tools you all have offered.

I am very happy and it’s only a few hours old. I am very honored and proud."Europa,” “Ain't Superstitious,” “Satch Boogie” and “Born Under a Bad Sign,” never quite felt so good.

Erik asked, “Are you going to name it?” Before I could answer, he just said, “I'd call it "DAMN.” And we all smiled with the joy of really understanding passion.

With great appreciation and respect,


That is his letter. Gary called us a little while later to further explain that he had wanted the color matched to the picture on our web site because it most closely resembled the color of his daughter’s Tiger Eye stone which is what he really wanted it to look like. Well Chuck didn’t quite get the color to match the picture but he did exactly match the stone from Sedona. Some say that Sedona and Tom Anderson Guitarworks are very magical places.


 MODEL: – Hollow Drop Top Classic

 FINISH: – Light Tiger Eye Burst with Binding

 BODY WOOD: – Maple Top with Basswood Back


 NECK WOOD: – Maple with Madagascar Rosewood Fingerboard

 HEADSTOCK COLOR: – Matching Back Color


 NECK BACKSHAPE: – T/A Standard

 NUT WIDTH: – 1 5/8th-inch

 SCALE LENGTH: – 25 1/2th-inch

 FRETS: – Heavy

 BRIDGE: – Vintage Tremolo


 PICKGUARD: – White Pearl




 SWITCHING: – B5 with Push/Pull Add Bridge Switch



 STRING GAUGE REQUESTED: – .010 to .046

Hollow Drop Top Classic
Maple Top on Basswood
Light Tiger Eye Burst with Binding

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