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The Week of July, 13 1999 through July, 19 1999

Hollow T Classic
Maple Top on Hollow Basswood
Honey Burst with Binding

So, Bob November owns McKenzie River Music in Eugene OR. He is a very nice guy. In fact all the guys at McKenzie River are very nice. They are a relatively new Tom Anderson dealer so they have not really experienced the full bouquet of Anderson guitars. Last week we shipped them a Honey Burst Hollow T Classic. It had a very beautiful maple top on a basswood backed body. The neck was maple with a Madagascar rosewood fingerboard and paint matched headstock. It had the sleek T/A standard neck backshape and of course played effortlessly.

Well they get it and Bob calls. Bob is a calm guy but he was clearly dazzled. He said, "that guitar you guys sent, it is a fabulous guitar. In fact, it is quite possibly the best new guitar I have ever played. I really never get that excited about stuff but I actually came into the store early so I could play it with no one around and I am very impressed."

Oh, I love it. We are very glad if we can contribute a little to the quality of this world. He has this guitar in his store now but I don't know for how long because we're already getting calls from people who have seen or played it.

Thanks very much.

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