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The Week of July, 9 2000 through July, 17 2000

Drop T
Maple Top on Basswood
Translucent Black with Binding

Drop T
Maple Top on Basswood
Translucent Black with Binding

Drop T
Maple Top on Basswood
Translucent Black with Binding

There are some people in this world that are so adored, so popular, so in demand, so famous and so incredibly good looking that they cannot lead the normal and enjoyable life that most of us take for granted. Although many may wish that they led such a high profile lifestyle, it is not always as glamorous as it seems. Everywhere you go people stare, watch you eat, want your autograph, chase you around, tear at your clothes and even tell you that they want to have your children. That can be tough.

Such is the case with our own Jesse. Jesse is the one! He is the guy who runs the woodshop here at Tom Anderson Guitarworks and is responsible for selecting the woods for each and every spectacular instrument. To put it in plain terms, it is he who selects the maple top that will adorn your stunning Tom Anderson electric guitar. Consequently, people are always sending him flowers and cards in hopes of getting a maple top on their guitar that looks better than the amazing one their friend got. To a large and chanting mob he once tried to explain that each and every piece of wood is unique unto itself—one of a kind—like fingerprints or snowflakes or trees for that matter but all beautiful. Some still do seek him however. He receives cards, pictures, letters, candy, and even a flashlight once, from players who want to insure that the maple top that will adorn their Tom Anderson guitar looks just like the Grand Canyon underwater or caramel popcorn or water beading up on a window pane or….Although he is very appreciative of all this enthusiasm, because he is so good looking and to protect his privacy, he feels that his identity should remain a secret at this time and we have to respect that.

Jesse is a great guitar player with very nice touch and loads of finesses. I love to listen to him play. This Guitar of the Week really impressed Jesse. When he picked it up, he could not put it down. He just kept playing it and playing it. We had to conceal his identity in order to get a picture of it. Much like Jesse, this is a very mysterious instrument. Its true identity is also concealed. It looks like a Translucent Black Cobra loaded with our P-90-style pickups, but it is not! It is Translucent Black and it is loaded with our P1 and P3, P-90-style pickups, all right but it is not a Cobra. It is a Drop Top T.

Tradition has always dictated that Soapbar pickups be used in 24 ¾-inch scale length guitars with bodies and necks made primarily from mahogany wood. Undeniably, this is a great sound as witnessed by our Cobra and Cobra Special guitars equipped this way. The tone is thick, fat single coil.

The Drop Top T is a 25 ½-inch scale length guitar. As with the majority of Drop Top Ts, this one features a basswood backed, maple topped body and a maple neck with an Indian rosewood fingerboard. The tonal difference could immediately be heard with the first strum of this guitar, even unplugged. The sound is nothing short of beautiful. The longer scale delivers a wider bandwidth that is very musical. The wood combination further helps to open up the sound, creating a tone that Jesse describes as, “I have never heard a guitar with such beautiful top-end tone have that much muscle. Usually, when you rev up a guitar with Soapbars, the pretty stuff goes away but this one remained beautiful and yet huge and strong no matter what you did with it. I love the tone of this guitar!”

Now the question remains, who in their right mind came up with this fabulously beautiful and revolutionary instrument? Was it the great sonic minds at Tom Anderson Guitarworks? Well, we’d like to say yes, we could say maybe but we’ll have to say no. It was not us but Tim at Atlanta Music Brokers. He just had a feeling that this combination would create a great instrument but he could not have know how really right he would be. This guitar is, in many ways, unparalleled in its tone. But be forewarned, if you get your hands on this one you will not be able to put it down. To get it away from Jesse we had to wait until he fell asleep to send it to Tim. Tim has it now but I guarantee he will not have it for long.


 MODEL: – Drop Top T

 FINISH: – Translucent Black with Binding

 BODY WOOD: – Maple Top with Basswood Back


 NECK WOOD: – Maple with Indian Rosewood



 NECK BACKSHAPE: – T/A Standard

 NUT WIDTH: – 1 11/16th-inch

 SCALE LENGTH: – 25 ½-inch

 FRETS: – Medium

 BRIDGE: – Fixed


 PICKGUARD: – n/a




 SWITCHING: – 3-Way




Drop T
Maple Top on Basswood
Translucent Black with Binding

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