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T Classic
Swamp Ash
Custom Graphics-Hot Rod Flames

A Picture Too Good Too Pass Up

Saturday afternoon at 4:15 PM, Brian Harris and his band, Queen For A Day, take the stage to close the big show at the Heritage Day Festival in Dallas. The ambient stage temperature is hovering around 131°F. But the show must go on.

The picture shows a break between songs where Brian hydrates with festival-made root beer. All of a sudden his black T-Classic spontaneously combusts, bursting into flame—Hot Rod Flames to be exact. Always the quick thinker, Brian’s first inclination is to douse the guitar with root beer. However, not wanting to get his strings sticky and loving the new look of Hot Rod Flames, he decides to leave it as is and continues sipping. Ah, that’s refreshing.

Needless to say, the rest of the show was an outstanding success. Some might even say, “The band was hot!”—especially Brian.

Guitar background.

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