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The Week of June, 26 2000 through July, 3 2000

Maple Top on Mahogany - Cobra
Cajun Red

A business associate/friend called wanting to get a guitar. It was a very regular call. We discussed tone, color and the like. He asked what colors are great and I replied that it is a totally subjective thing. He asked that I make a few suggestions so I suggested Cajun Red. He said no, he doesn’t care for red. He ended up choosing Translucent Blue.

About a week later he called again wanting to order a great guitar, one that he would keep for ever and he wanted it to be painted our best shade of red. I replied, “I thought you didn’t care for red?” He said, “I don’t really,” and went on deciding what this amazing red guitar should be. He chose a Cobra painted Cajun Red and loaded with H1- and H2+ pickups. He also opted for the X-Bridge so he can create great “plugged-in” acoustic guitar sounds as well.

I had to ask, “Why are you so focused on getting a red guitar all of a sudden? Didn’t you say that you don’t really care for red?” “Yes, that’s right.” “Well then,” I jokingly continued, “are you trying to impress a special girl or what?” He replied, “In a way I guess I am. He continued, “I didn’t want to say anything because I did not want to sound overly dramatic but if you want to know I will tell you.” “It is okay, you can tell us if you would like.”

“When I was quite young my mother bought me a red guitar. I had to sell it years ago when I was getting together enough capital to start my now successful business. My mother found out that I had to sell it. She always wished that I could have kept it since she had bought it for me. Well, we found out recently that Mom is dying of cancer. One of the things that she wants before she goes on is to buy me a red guitar and she would like me to promise that I will keep it for the rest of my life. This will be that guitar.” “Oh, I’m sorry,” was my natural response. “What do her doctors say?” “It is serious,” he said “and she may not have too long but we are hoping for the best.”

We, of course, began the guitar building process the next day. We felt honored that we might be able to help in some small way. It took 3 month to go from raw wood to perfect Cajun Red Cobra. This was as fast as we could safely create but alias we were not fast enough. In mid May his mother passed away and we did not hear a word from him for two or three weeks. When he finally called to tell us what had happened the guitar was just being completed and it was spectacular.

Normally we engrave the neck plate of the guitar with the completion date and a letter denoting the time of day. This date also becomes the serial number. For this guitar we engraved his mother’s birthday and her first initial--08-18-00L. I e-mailed him a picture of the guitar that was shipping and he e-mailed back saying, “I am twelve, today is December 23rd and there is snow on the ground.” Of course this is a metaphor for how he was feeling and what receiving this guitar meant to him. I wonder at what age he received his first red guitar?

He called after receiving the guitar and was ecstatic. He loved it! He said, “I thought you guy were just a bit overstated in your catalog when you wrote about the guy who thanks you for ruining all his other guitars but you were not. It is now happening to me.” Then he laughed and said, “Mom must be enjoying this. Here I am playing a red guitar again, her favorite color. She would be happy.


 MODEL: – Cobra

 FINISH: – Cajun Red with Binding

 BODY WOOD: – Maple Top with Mahogany Back


 NECK WOOD: – Maple with African Rosewood



 NECK BACKSHAPE: – Cobra Standard

 NUT WIDTH: – 1 11/16th-inch

 SCALE LENGTH: – 24 ¾-inch

 FRETS: – Heavy

 BRIDGE: – Fixed with acoustic transducer pickups


 PICKGUARD: – n/a




 SWITCHING: – Cobra 5-Way with Push/Pull




Maple Top on Mahogany - Cobra
Cajun Red

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