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The Week of June, 20 1999 through July, 5 1999

Maple Top on Mahogany - Cobra
Sparkle Silver

Dave Wakefield is part of our Anderson family and one of our favorite people. He started here in the woodshop many years ago when trees were new--well maybe not that long ago. Anyway, he later moved into final assembly. You know, putting together your guitar. (Better be nice to him.) He is a great guy and very nice himself. He is a very good guitar player and gigs around Hollywood. He knows a lot! His preference has always been guitars with soapbar-type pickups. He use to explain to me why the soapbar sound was so unique and so cool. How it would fill a sonic space that no other pickup type could quite match. I remember the delight in his eyes the day we were finishing up the Anderson soapbars for our new Cobra Special. He listened with intensity. He cautiously tried the new Anderson Soapbars, P1 & P3, in his existing guitars. A few days of trying them in the real world went by. I asked him what he thought. "I love them," was his reply. Pretty soon his friend had them in his guitar. Dave listened carefully when we took the first ones to the NAMM show. He tried both the Cobra and Cobra Special loaded with the new Anderson Soapbars. It was a great day when he said to me, "I need to order a Cobra with Soapbars for myself." I know the feeling when you decide to change from the guitar you formed your musical identity on because you know there is something better waiting for you, something that can take you even further. Dave ordered a (are you ready for this) a Sparkle Silver Cobra with dark brown back and sides. It is absolutely outstanding looking. We were all gathered around when Chuck brought that body out from the paint booth and we first got a look at it. When it became a guitar it was even better. Guess who built it. So now that he has taken it out and played it in the real world, I asked him, "How do you like your new Cobra?" "It's great." "Do you love it," I asked? "Oh yeah," was the response. "It has a familiar but unique sound. The sound is so full and rich but with a bit more clarity and even response. It seems to cut better but not in a harsh way. The playability is so effortless. The more you play it the more you realize what you have been putting up with in your other guitars. You don't have to wrestle it and the more you get accustom to playing it the more effortless you realize you can play." He says he's just beginning to realize its greater dimension. Well I guess he has his fun cut out for him. Take a look at the picture and into the mind of Dave Wakefield. Thanks Dave!

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