Guitars Of The Week:
The Week of June, 10 1999 through June, 20 1999

Hollow Cobra
Koa Top on Mahogany - Cobra

Week of 5/31/99:What a week! What am I supposed to do? What do you people want from me anyway? What am I talking about? How is any guitarist supposed to play 16 Andersons and pick one--just one as guitar of the week? All right, just kidding. It was another great week with really really fun guitars. Every time I thought, "this is the one" another one would pop up and I think "but this one, but that one." So, I'll just tell you what killed me this week and then I'll pick one. First, I spied from across the room this absolutely stunning Tortoise colored Cobra S with cream pickup rings. The thing just jumped at me. It was a tad on the heavier side, not heavy mind you, but slightly heavier as mahogany can be sometimes. When I picked it up to play it the room was very quite. It was so beautiful and the "S" body fits and balances so well. The first notes out of this guitar just stunned me. It was so lush with no mahogany hardness--sweet, lush rich. I walked up to Tom and said, "I want this one. It has got to be guitar of the week." He smiled at me. He knew. This one went to be with Mark Williams at Veneman Music in Rockville MD. Next I picked up a solid Cobra. It is a beautiful Transparent Amber Burst. It was very light and the sound was very resonant. I loved it. I mean I LOVED IT! I thought it was hollow at first because it was so open sounding but it had that more concentrated mid of the solid body. I couldn't even think of stealing this one though. It was headed to David Spann at Musicmakers in Austin TX and it is for a customer. This is one lucky guy. I told Tom how great this one was. I said, "We need two guitars of the week." He smiled. He knew. And what about the T Blonde swamp ash Hollow T Classic with no binding and 3 pickups, gold hardware white pearl pickguard and X bridge. This went to Olivier at Russo Music in Trenton NJ. It was ordered by a customer. He is going to love this guitar forever! Okay. I open the next case. As I lift the lid the light strikes a beautiful natural Koa top with a tobacco shaded edge (we call this color Shaded Edge for obvious reasons). It is a Hollow Cobra. The headsotck is painted to match the darker brown back. It has gold hardware and, are you ready, it is equipped with P1 and P3 pickups--our own amazing sounding soapbars. I pick it up and strum it. I am not disappointed, fat, full, clear single coil tone. There is truly something magic about Cobras with soapbars and to have a hollow one with a Koa top is so unique. "This one has to be guitar of the week!" Tom just smiled. He knew. And, yes this one will have to be my pick for guitar of the week. We did take a picture of it and, hopefully, it will be on our website next week so you will see I'm not kidding. Better yet, if you are anywhere near Dallas TX, Brian has this one at Brook Mays. He ordered it for the store so it may actually be there for a few days. Thanks Brian. You are a man of vision.

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