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The Week of May, 17 2004 through May, 24 2004

Crowdster Acoustic
Maple Top on Alder
Cajun Red to Dark Red Burst

Symbolism—since human beings have been, every culture has used symbols to represent something beyond the tangible world in which they believe themselves to live. In symbols they find comfort as a feeling of connection to another person, place or presence is amplified.

Music is an event of the moment and must continue to pass so as to be experienced. It cannot be static. Once flow ceases, there is silence. In this realm, our life experience is the same. Things must circulate and change in order to exist. It is the reality we come away with—how our inner-nature has matured—that is the real purpose. Symbols offer comfort as they represent the Changeless beyond the temporal, much the same as the message in music remains after the song has played out.

Michael is an Anderson Player and has several to prove that point. Some were purchased as used instruments and some from new store stock. This Crowdster, however, is his first Anderson to be ordered and built specifically for him from the ground up. To do so, he enlisted the services of Eric Miller at “Hands on Guitars” in Chehalis, Washington. “Hands on” is a quaint little place with a coffee shop up front and live music served every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

It was acoustic guitar sounds Michael sought this time as he decided to enter into the kingdom of the Crowdster—where plugged-in acoustic guitar tones reign supreme and not a hint of unwanted feedback can be found. It is an unrestrained and gratifying playing experience to be sure. Although a Crowdy feels very “acoustic” in its approach, Michael may quickly find himself climbing along the entire length of its neck before he realizes that he is actually chording above the 12th-fret—in tune and with minimal effort—a surprising reward from an acoustic-based instrument.

His desire for something of distinction led him to scour the Anderson website Guitar Gallery and Guitar of the Week Archives in search of the proper woods and colors that would present a guitar with his personality soundly in tact.

Desiring a bit loftier midrange to accompany slightly more radiant highs and lows than the extremely popular Mahogany-backed version, Michael selected an Alder-based body to lend its backing to a beautifully quilted maple top.

Searching by color, he gave pause as the Cajun Red Burst, Crowdster appeared on the screen. It had stirred something deep within. Continuing his quest, he came upon a photo of Deep Ocean Blue Burst and could not help but admire how the two hues of blue melded together with such fluidity. He thought for a moment. What if Cajun Red Burst could make its transition with a slightly more subtle movement, fading from red to darker red instead of to black at the outer perimeter of the body? A quick call to Anderson Guitarworks set into motion a high-level color consultation between Tom and Chuck (The Dreaded Keeper). They happily and unanimously agreed to do the new hue.

After speccing all the attributes of his guitar-to-be, we were ready to begin the building process. But Michael had one last request—a special serial number be applied. As many of you are already aware, we use the approximate completion date of the instrument as its serial number. He asked that his mother’s birthday be used—and although she is no longer with us, this guitar will now symbolize a bond between two people that goes beyond all the limitations of this world—a bond that can never be broken. This is the reality that we come away with. The rest is just momentary events.


 MODEL: – Crowdster Acoustic

 FINISH: – Cajun Red to Dark Red Burst with Binding

 BODY WOOD: – Quilted Maple Top with Alder Back


 NECK WOOD: – Mahogany with African Rosewood Fingerboard



 NECK BACKSHAPE: – Crowdster Standard

 NUT WIDTH: – 1.73-inch

 SCALE LENGTH: – 24 3/4-inch

 FRETS: – Small—Exclusive Anderson Stainless Steel

 BRIDGE: – Ebony Acoustic

 TUNING GEAR: – Split Shaft


 PICKUP: – Anderson EQed LR Baggs Piezo

 CONTROLS: – Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass

 STRING GAUGE REQUESTED: – .012-.053 Elixir Nanoweb Acoustic Guitar

 DESTINATION/LOCATION: –Hands On Guitars/Chehalis, Washington

 04-26-04M

Crowdster Acoustic
Maple Top on Alder
Cajun Red to Dark Red Burst

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