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The Week of April, 24 2000 through May, 1 2000

Hollow Drop T
Maple Top on Basswood
Tiger's Eye with Binding

I really feel that we need to continue this Tiger Eye thing for just a bit more. If this is the first you’ve heard of it, we invite you to check out “Guitar of the Week archives” for the weeks of March 12th and April 16th to get the whole Tiger Eye story. It makes for fun and informative reading.

Last week we featured a Tiger Eye Burst that was sold to Brian, who is “the guy” at Brook Mays in Dallas. He called convinced that this Tiger Eye Burst is the best guitar we have ever made. You know, nearly everyone seems to feel that way about their Anderson. I thought this phenomenon was pretty darn silly myself until I got my Classic. Now I am convinced that it is the best Classic. Tom chuckled at me thinking I was silly until he got his Cobra. Then he walked around the shop whispering to us that he had the best Cobra. The truth is we are all silly but at least we know it. The reality is that every Anderson is the best and the one or more you bond with is the one that is best for you.

Then there was the Tiger Eye Drop Top that went to Eddie at Music Loft in Raleigh. It remained in their store for about one hour before he called saying it was gone. And another Tiger Eye Burst, not pictured, went to Atlanta Music Brokers. It lasted a couple of hours there. All three of these guitars, although sharing the same color, had very individual looks since no two pieces of wood are identical.

Now this week we should show something entirely different. That makes good sense. Okay then. I’ll just play this Tiger Eye Hollow T for a moment and then we’ll pick something else for “Guitar of the Week.” I stared at it before picking it up. Oh my gosh, it is so beautiful. I picked it up. The perfectly sculpted body contours make this body-style infinitely comfortable to hold and play.

I started to play it unplugged at first. You can really hear a lot this way. It was so loud and so lush. I checked with Bob, Art and Dave to see if this was really an electric guitar. They assured me that it was. As I continued to play, I glanced down at the body of the guitar. The finish looked so three dimensional that I felt as though I was being drawn in. I was not being strange, just bonding. Since I am a highly trained professional, I knew what this guitar needed. It needed to be plugged in—right now!

I sprinted into the amp room and connected it to a Mesa Boogie Heartbreaker and a Fishman Acoustic amp. Whatever sagacious person said, “The Hollow T may just be the most do-everything guitar in the world,” was very right. Equipped with our H1-, SA1, H2+ pickups and controlled by our very versatile Switcheroo switching system, this one amazing guitar easily replicates almost any sound and style you attempt. It will do full blown humbucker tones while splitting offers plucky single coil combinations. Its hollow body and effective tone circuit allows it to create softer jazz tones. Its H1- splits very well to capture the all important neck single coil tone. And there is more! The Switcheroo gives access to every possible usable pickup combination. Is that enough? I hope not because with the addition of our optional X-Bridge, all of the above mentioned sounds can be run by themselves, combined with a fabulous plugged-in acoustic guitar sound or played alone as an acoustic guitar. Since we’re on a roll, let’s not stop there shall we?

All these breath-taking tones can be heard more in tune than ever before thanks to the Buzz Feiten Tuning System, standard on all Andersons. It is an undetectable change that allows the guitar to be more easily and accurately tuned.

Bob said the Tiger Eye color reminds him of pumpkin pie but we don’t have a problem with this. We love pumpkin pie. So, “Pumpkin Pie” is on its way to Brian at Brook Mays. He’s been quite lucky lately. He must live right.

 MODEL:>Hollow T with Contours
 FINISH:>Tiger Eye with Binding
 BODY WOOD:>Maple on Basswood
 NECK WOOD:>Maple with Madagascar Rosewood
 NUT WIDTH:>1 11/16th
 FRETS:>Heavy
 BRIDGE:>X-bridge Vin Trem
 PICKUPS:>H1- SA1 H2+
 SWITCHING:>Switcheroo

Hollow Drop T
Maple Top on Basswood
Tiger's Eye with Binding

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