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Crowdster Plus
Maple Top on Mahogany
Translucent Black Burst

Crowdster Plus
Maple Top on Mahogany
Translucent Black Burst

Crowdster Plus
Maple Top on Mahogany
Translucent Black Burst

Music is celebration—a celebration of life itself—always carrying with it significance—sometimes only on an emotional level but often it can hold life’s very secrets and deeper energies. Everyone knows a song that has substantially changed them or heightened their understanding. Communicating on a different level than any other way we process meaning, music can instantly reach to your very soul. If we are listening, healing and growth are the result. And because of the unique pathway in which music’s message travels we are able to experience it in a fresh way over and over again. The benefit never ends. It is a gift to be sure.

From the heart of the country, John Flynn is a wise man who has had the experience—the experience of music. He is also the co-owner of one of the coolest music stores in the country, Mass Street Music in Lawrence, Kansas. They have been in business for years and years and John is just one of those guys who is in tune with how music flows forth and how yours can too. He is a patient and prudent advisor to those who seek to further their own musical endeavors.

I think by now it is common knowledge to everyone in the know that to have unlimited control and projection of Acoustic Guitar sounds in a live-playing situation, the Crowdster is the ultimate instrument!

No debate!

It does it all without muss, fuzz or any unwanted feedback or EQ limiting. And like all Andersons, it performs with impeccable intonation.

It is just more fun to play in tune.

Simply plug in, dial up the huge Acoustic Guitar tone of your pleasure and Crowdster will deliver all night long and at any volume. No longer does your live-music mix take a backseat to recorded acoustic rhythm tracks. As predominate as it is on record, so it goes live.

In all his knowledge, John knew he needed a Crowdster for all of his live playing acoustic needs—and he plays out a lot. But when he heard of the introduction of the Crowdster Plus he was intrigued.

Intrigued by the Plus!

Crowdster Plus is so named because it is exactly a Crowdster in everyway—a flawless live-music acoustic guitar…plus… something else.

Plus…the addition of an electric guitar pickup called the CMA. This pickup is specially formulated to work in perfect harmony with the Crowdster’s Anderson-EQed, LR Baggs piezo acoustic pickup system.

The CMA was created specifically to balance with bronze acoustic guitar strings, yielding uncompromising Acoustic Guitar sound from its standard Crowdster operation and amazing supplemental electric guitar tones from the same instrument.

An acoustic guitar player’s dream when he or she wants to be able to spread out.

Both Crowdster Plus’ superlative acoustic and electric sounds can be run separately or blended. In the mono setting both sounds can be sent to one amp. Stereo mode welcomes the bigger and more specific function of two amps—an electric guitar amp and a PA to bring the best of both worlds from this amazing instrument’s dual pickup setup.

John was not only intrigued but drawn to the Crowdster Plus and opted to do a Plus for his personal playing needs. After he received it, here is what he had to say:


Thought I should drop you guys a note and express my opinion of my new Crowdster Plus.

Let me first state that I expected this guitar to be of the highest standards and that it would definitely serve my purpose as an acoustic instrument. I also expected the electric pickup to be a nice addition but not something I would rely on much for electric sounds—more of a blend to change up the acoustic thing a little. Well, it meets all these expectations with the highest marks…but…what I did not expect was that:

This is an absolutely off-the-chart amazing sounding electric guitar! It is huge and thick but still extremely articulate. And I am not just talking about clean stuff. I mean full-on overdrive too. I could rave on and on (which I am sure I will when we speak next) about this guitar. I really was not expecting to play this as my main electric guitar but it really is quite amazing (have I said that already?).

I'll keep it brief. I could not be happier!

Great work fellas,

Very nice and much appreciated but that was not all. John wasn’t through. He followed up his email with a call to the factory. His unbiased evaluation continued:

“The Crowdster Plus is so far beyond what I thought it would be. It is so kick butt. I knew how great the regular Crowdster sounded as an acoustic guitar but I never would have guessed how amazing the electric guitar tones could be. It is my #1 Guitar. I love that thing and I love that pickup—the CMA. It is vicious sounding. It is so thick and so clear. And the whole guitar looks so good.

I am so glad I did the Plus option to the Crowdster. It is worth every dime.

And talk about drawing attention—every guitar player who was at my last few gigs came up after wanting to know what this guitar was and why it sounded so good.”

John has our appreciation for once again doing what he does so well, and that is recognizing greatness when it first arrives on the scene.

Thanks John.

And as to the unsubstantiated rumors that John is also a penguin farmer of some notoriety in Southern Brazil, we are sure these are ridiculous and completely unfounded claims. Brazil is a long ways from Kansas and to our knowledge, no ice or snow. But even still, we would like to know how John explains this photo!? Penguins in Brazil!? Not possible.

Editors Note: No penguins were harmed in any way during the making of this documentary. In fact they love the tone of Crowdster Plus themselves—and it matches their formal attire.


• MODEL: – Crowdster Plus Acoustic

• FINISH: – Transparent Black Burst with Binding

• BODY WOOD: – Flame Maple Top with Mahogany Back


• NECK WOOD: – Mahogany with African Rosewood Fingerboard



• NECK BACKSHAPE: – Crowdster Standard

• NUT WIDTH: – 1.73-inch

• SCALE LENGTH: – 24 3/4-inch

• FRETS: – Small—Exclusive Anderson Stainless Steel

• BRIDGE: – Ebony Acoustic

• TUNING GEAR: – Split Shaft



• ACOUSTIC PICKUP: – Anderson EQed LR Baggs Piezo

• CONTROLS: – Electric Volume—Acoustic Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass—Electric/Both/Acoustic Mini-Toggle—Mono/Stereo Subterranean Push Button

• STRING GAUGE REQUESTED: – .012-.053 Elixir® Acoustic Guitar with NANOWEB® Coating

• DESTINATION/LOCATION: – Mass St Music, Lawrence, Kansas

• 03-13-06N

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