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Hollow Drop Top Classic
Maple Top on Mahogany
Natural Honey Burst with Binding

Hollow Drop Top Classic
Maple Top on Mahogany
Natural Honey Burst with Binding

From off in the distance we could see them crest the hill. They were clearly headed our way—coming like a freight train. We closed the door and tried to make it look like we had gone out for pizza. We sat in silence, much the same way as the crew of a submarine is trained to do when ships are searching for them overhead. Soon a sharp rap on the door let us know that they weren’t buying the old out-to-lunch trick. We opened the door and stood face-to-face with a rather ominous-looking biker gang. With guitars strapped on, we were ready to sing them into submission when we realized, much to our delight, that it was Nathan and Eddie from Eddie’s Guitars in Maplewood, Missouri—a superlative Anderson dealer. They had been led all the way from Missouri to California by Ed Sr.—Eddie’s amazing 90-year-old, bike-riding father—Nathan’s grandfather.

To have pedaled this far, it must be important. “Honey!” Nathan announced, still breathing heavily. “Health researchers have recently discovered that, unlike sugar, eating honey raises the level of antioxidants in the body.” “Wow,” we exclaimed, all exchanging glances, “didn’t know that.” He continued, “Natural honey is even better…and extremely beneficial for both bike riders and guitar players. Eddie, Grandpa and I thought this was important enough to ride over and ask you to create a first-of-its-kind Natural Honey Burst, Hollow Drop Top Classic in celebration.” We all realized the magnitude of these findings. You just can’t laugh at the benefits of an elevated level of antioxidants during an intense performance.

“What exactly do you mean by Natural Honey?” we queried for clarification. “Simply and beautifully, a natural maple wood center bursting to a rich honey shaded outer edge,” was Nathan’s thoughtful reply. Intrigued, we sat down together and designed the rest of the guitar to harmonize with what was destine to become a beautiful looking and healthy sounding instrument.

A mahogany back defines its character by accentuating stout, midrange muscle to complement and counterbalance with the musically wide bandwidth of its 25 ½-inch scale length. The sleek and fast T/ A Standard neck backshape is made manifested in the form of a Maple with an Indian Rosewood Fingerboard neck and is silken smooth to negotiate.

To take this guitar into the realm of unquestioned sonic superiority is the M1 pickups in the neck and middle positions. When asked to deliver impressive and aggressive single coil tones, they won’t let you down. With an H2+ humbucker in the back, which can be split upon command, most full-blown rock tones and bridge single coil requirements can be handled with ease.

With Natural Honey headed for production, we, of course, offered them a ride back but Ed Senior suggested pedaling home. So, they declined saying, the wind was at their backs and waved as they rode of into the sunrise. Well, who can argue with the time-proven wisdom of a 90-year-old Senior Olympics competitor?


• MODEL: – Hollow Drop Top Classic

• FINISH: – Natural Honey Burst with Binding

• BODY WOOD: – Quilt Maple Top with Mahogany Back


• NECK WOOD: – Maple with Rosewood Fingerboard



• NECK BACKSHAPE: – T/A Standard

• NUT WIDTH: – 1 11/16-inch

• SCALE LENGTH: – 25 1/2-inch

• FRETS: – Heavy—Exclusive Anderson Stainless Steel

• BRIDGE: – Vintage Tremolo

• TUNING GEAR: – Locking


• PICKGUARD: – Pearl White




• SWITCHING: – 5-Way with Bridge Splitter Switch & Add-Bridge Push/Pull—for 11 Sounds



• STRING GAUGE REQUESTED: – .010-.046 Elixir® with NANOWEB® Coating

• DESTINATION/LOCATION: – Eddie’s Guitars/Maplewood Missouri

• 02-04-05P

Hollow Drop Top Classic
Maple Top on Mahogany
Natural Honey Burst with Binding

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