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The Week of March, 12 2000 through March, 26 2000

Hollow Cobra S
Maple Top on Mahogany - Cobra
Tiger's Eye

The night was very dark. There was no moon in the sky when the plane took off. We were a team of highly trained specialists dressed in all black. Our mission was to parachute into the jungle. We did not yet know what the assignment was but we knew that no one else had ever dared to attempt a mission of this magnitude. The chances of coming back at all were slim, very slim. We were not to break the seal on the mission instructions until we touched ground again. Only our Global Positioning System could tell us when we were over the drop site. It seemed as though we were airborne for about an hour when the GPS notified us that we were over the target area. There was no turning back now. Without any hesitation we all jumped into the blackness.

Upon touch down I flicked on the flashlight and broke the seal of the Top Secret instructions. It read:

Hi guys,

Please ask the “Dreaded Keeper of the Stone” if we can borrow the rare Tiger Eye Jewel from his Jungle Lair. To get a beautifully authentic color, we would like to be able to match the shade of our new Tiger Eye paint to this valuable gem.

Thanks very much, Tom

Well that sounded reasonable enough. Tom will do what ever it takes to create the world’s finest guitars and that is why we love him.

So we find this “Dreaded Keeper of the Stone” and he turns out to be a really nice guy and guitar player who is hoping to get an Anderson of his own very soon. I wonder what color he will choose? He said we could borrow the stone for as long as we like. We ate some kind of goat’s milk yogurt/pudding stuff with him, I zipped the rare jewel into my vest pocket and we were off. We tramped through the jungle and finally repelled down the north face of a sheer granite wall and soon were back home.

Tom was able to match the jewel perfectly. This particular guitar is a Hollow Cobra S. It was ordered by Denny. He requested a quilted maple top painted Violin Amber but hey, we call it Tiger Eye and now you know why. Although no more beautiful, the actual jewel itself is replicated even more closely when a flame maple top is chosen. The maple top of all Cobra bodies is backed with a beautiful piece of mahogany. The neck is all mahogany with a rosewood fingerboard. Denny chose the T/A Standard neck backshape for a sleek, slim and fast feel.

A Cobra has a 24 ¾-inch scale length. This shorter string length, in combination with the above-mentioned woods, creates a thick, more concentrated, stronger sounding mid-tone. The hollow chambers add a bit of softer, openness to the sound without loosing its strong, powerful mid-tone character.

This beautiful quilted Tiger Eye is equipped with our vintage output HO1- pickup in the neck position and the overwound-vintage sound of the HO2 in the bridge position. Due to the Anderson “Extended Band Width,” all of its thick mid-range is still articulate and allows this instrument to produce the most beautiful single coil tones ever heard from a guitar of this string length. All these sounds are easily accessed with the standard Cobra switching which pulls 6 very usable tones from its twin humbuckers. And not to brag but that is not all. This guitar is equipped with the Baggs X-Bridge. It is acoustic pickups located in each saddle of its vintage tremolo bridge. It creates a beautiful plugged-in acoustic guitar sound that can be played alone or blended with the wonderful electric tones. Denny is a lucky guy.

Well, we'd love to stay and chat but Tom has just slipped us another envelope. We must go!

Hollow Cobra S
Maple Top on Mahogany - Cobra
Tiger's Eye

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