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Hollow Drop Top
Maple Top on Swamp Ash
Translucent Purple Burst with Binding

Magnificence surrounds us, but…

We open our eyes, look around and we observe the world we live in—and we decide if it is good or it is bad.

Our experience on this Earth and what we see is largely our polarized perceptions masquerading as the reality of what is. But the moment our perspective shifts, a whole new world can open before us.

As a small example of this principle: Remember the first time you played an Anderson guitar—put your hands on it, flew up and down the neck and felt it resonate from the tip of the headstock all the way to the rear strap buttons with astounding intonation—every note of every chord ringing out in harmony?


A paradigm shift in what you thought a guitar could be. Tone, playability and function were all revised. From then on everything was different and you could no longer look at guitars in exactly the same way again—ever.

Shift your perspective and you start to see that Magnificence surrounds us—every moment of every day.

This is Vinnie Fallon. He certainly personifies the Magnificence of which we speak. Vinnie was our beloved “brother” who was part of Northwest Guitars in Bellevue, Washington—a totally awesome guy, a totally awesome store and Anderson dealer.

To recognize someone’s Magnificent goes beyond the world’s understanding and reaches to the true essence of what we are. See the Magnificence that is and your perspective changes, the world softens and everything is made better, instantly.

Vinnie has transcended this mortal life and so we invite you to experience this very moment this way—with Magnificence—as we honor Vinnie.

Northwest Guitars will host: A Celebration of the Life of Vinnie Fallon on Sunday, February 16, from 1:00 PM to 5:00PM. If you are in the area you are welcome or you may send an email message of support—if you like.

Those who interacted with Vinnie everyday know how special he was and what a gentle and warm essence he brought to all around him. The students he taught thoroughly loved him and thrived because of it. All will undoubtedly feel that he was taken “home” far too soon for their liking. And for this we have great empathy. Separation is quite unnatural for human beings.

But do not be fooled for it is Love that runs this Universe—behind the scene, not screaming or drawing attention to itself, it is the All of everything—so much so that everything else is nothing in its face—all seeming problems dissolve.

Where is it? Shift your perspective. It is in the stillness and peace that surrounds and supports all that exists.

If Love is real then so is Permanence—so, no worries now—for you could not have one without the other. Only outside forms change and reform in a dance of creativity.

I like metaphors because they can help bring simple clarity:

Clouds made from unchanging water vapor, for a time they are white and fluffy and floating in the sky for everyone to see. And then, just as quickly, they disappear but the water vapor is still there—just as much as it ever was—now just unseen to the eye because the form has changed slightly—but its elements are unaltered and always present.

A shift in perspective allows you to sense this ever-present presence of those you love.

Northwest Guitars is a Family affair—for sure. It is owned and operated by the unparalleled Kevin Fallon, Vin’s dad. To know this guy is to love him—for sure. Sean Fallon, Vin’s brother, another good soul, also works there—as well as many good friends. Every “player” who deals with Northwest Guitars is thoroughly satisfied—but of course.

Ah yes, Vinnie…a Magnificent Man…thank you for being here with us for these years.

Vinnie is pictured above, leaning on his hot, yellow Mustang and hugging his Anderson, Drop Top in Transparent Purple Burst—that he custom designed. Notice the single humbucker configuration and Gold Floyd Rose appointment. Vinnie could really play.

Kevin was kind enough to share with us that, of all the guitars that Vinnie owned, it was Vinnie’s wish that his favorite, Anderson, Drop Top never be sold but always remain with the family as a remembrance of him.

Oh Vinnie…all of us at Anderson Guitarworks are greatly honored, once again, by you and, of course, you will always, always, always be with us in your Magnificence. We say, “Thank you for your grace and for sharing your life with us. Know that, You are Loved!”


• MODEL: – Drop Top

• SCALE LENGTH: – 25 1/2-inch

• BODY STYLE: – Hollow

• FINISH: – Transparent Purple Burst with Binding


• BODY WOOD: – Quilt Maple Top with Swamp Ash Back

• NECK WOOD: – Maple with Indian Rosewood Fingerboard


• NECK BACK FINISH: – Natural Satin

• NECK BACKSHAPE: – Even Taper

• NUT WIDTH: – 1 11/16-inch

• FRETS: – Heavy—Exclusive Anderson Stainless Steel

• BRIDGE: – Sunken Floyd Rose

• TUNING GEAR: – Split Shaft


• PICKGUARD: – n/a

• NECK PICKUP: – none



• SWITCHING: – One Volume Knob and Tone-Load Circuit



• STRING GAUGE REQUESTED: – .009-.042 Elixir® with NANOWEB® Coating

• DESTINATION/LOCATION: – Northwest Guitars, Bellevue, Washington

• 01-05-07V

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