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The Week of February, 13 2000 through February, 21 2000

Hollow T Classic
Alder Top on Hollow Alder Back
Translucent White

Well, let us continue with more guitars from The NAMM Show. If you are not sure what the NAMM Show is you can check “Guitar of the Week Archives” for Jan 30th or Jan 23rd and it will explain all—plus the old ones are fun to read anyway.

This Translucent White Hollow T Classic was an amazingly big hit at NAMM. Many players walked into the booth and announced that they loved our Hollow T Classics but were in search of a 3 pickup one with a tremolo bridge. We would just stand and point at it. The first glimpse would bring forth oohs and ahs and then the question, “Do you think I could play it?” “Sure you can.” Nobody walked away unimpressed! This particular one features a swamp ash topped/alder backed body. This wood combination generates a tone with the sparkle of swamp ash but with the fuller low-mid of alder—a nice compromise between these two vintage woods. The neck is maple with an Indian rosewood fingerboard to slightly soften the mids while adding low-end fullness and a bit of high-end sparkle. This influence over the body tone is somewhat subtle.

As you have already noticed, this Hollow T Classic is equipped with 3 pickups, our vintage VA1 in the neck and middle positions and a TV3 for the bridge. This guitar produces outstanding vintage tone and more. The pickups are controlled by a 5-way switch and a push/pull switch which is located on the tone control. It allows for 7, instead of the traditional 3, pickup combinations.

It also breaks with tradition by featuring a vintage-type tremolo with this body style. Equipped this way, the possibilities are almost unlimited. At least that is what Pete Anderson thinks. Pete Anderson is the very talented guitar player/producer with Dwight Yoakam. He ordered a guitar just like this from us a few years ago. He thought he was very original and suggested that we call this model the “Pete Anderson Model.” I explained that all these options already exist and all anyone has to do is order one equipped this way. Well it wasn’t long before it became known to everyone as, “The Pete Anderson Model.” Okay, so I hope he’s happy! We sure are. Thanks Pete.

At last year’s NAMM Show Mark Goldenberg, who plays with Jackson Browne, played a “Pete Anderson Model,” fell in love and bought it. He affectionately named it “Potato.” Well at this year’s NAMM Show, Mark Goldenberg bought one of our brand new models, a “T Classic.” Pete Anderson and our very own Bruce Nelson also helped inspired this one. To find out the whole story and what Mark Goldenberg named his new guitar, check out “Guitar of the Week Archives” for last week. It has been updated.

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