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The Week of February, 6 2000 through February, 13 2000

T Classic
Tobacco Burst

As I’m sure you know, Pete Anderson is the fabulous guitar player/producer with Dwight Yoakam. On top of being very intelligent and a gifted musician, he owns and plays many Tom Anderson guitars. I guess that is what you play when you are intelligent and gifted. He is also featured in our ad in the February issue of Guitar Player Magazine. His main Tom Anderson is a model affectionately dubbed “The Pete Anderson Model.” It is a stock Hollow T Classic with a vintage tremolo equipped hollow swamp ash topped/alder backed body and a maple/rosewood neck with a 62 Roundback backshape. His pickups are VA1, VA1 and TV3.

Okay, so he is very happy and he loves his guitar. He went out on tour with Dwight in’98 and everything was perfect. For his ’99 tour he not only took his Hollow T Classic but his new Baritom and P-90 equipped Cobra Special as well. Not too long after the tour started he called from the road and said that Dwight was running a different monitor mix and his voice was much louder in the upper-mids. It was masking the Hollow T Classic a bit in the monitors and he needed a boost in upper-mid projection. He wanted a solid swamp ash body for his Hollow T Classic. I clearly pointed out that with a solid body it will no longer be called a “Hollow T Classic” but a “T Classic.” Although he would have to adjust, he agreed to the name change.

Well, we did it and he loved it. It did just what it was suppose to do and Dwight and Pete were mixed perfectly. Sometime later, he called and said he needed an X-bridge equipped guitar to play at The NAMM Show, so we thought we would surprise him and rebuilding his original Hollow T Classic and add an X-bridge to it. We knew he’d like that one. When he found out what we were doing he was thrilled and said that he cannot be without his original Hollow T Classic.

Bruce is our extremely talented “mod guy” here at Tom Anderson Guitarworks. As well as an alder Hollow T Classic, he also has played an alder “T Classic” for years and loves it. So, in honor of Pete and Bruce we are now officially launching a brand new Tom Anderson model, the “T Classic.” (Technically, maybe it should be called the Solid T Classic). As with all Anderson guitars, it plays like butter and sounds unbelievably rich and clear thanks to the Anderson “Extended Band Width.” It seems to ring forever. With the availability of our amazing TV series vintage pickups or the hum-canceling TD series pickups, nothing compares. And I’m not just saying that. You need to play one. This one is going to the NAMM Show with us. (If you do not know what NAMM is check back to last week’s “Guitar of the Week.”)

Introducing the new “T Classic.” This one features a solid alder body painted Tobacco Burst with a 1 ply white pickguard. The neck is solid maple with a +.050 backshape for something substantial to hold on to. The neck also has a vintage tint to make it appear as though the lacquer has aged. It is equipped with our vintage TV1 and TV3 pickups. The sound is absolutely huge without giving up clarity. It is love at first strum.

Okay, so we took this very guitar to this year’s NAMM Show. Mark Goldenberg, who plays with Jackson Browne, walks into the booth, plays every “T” style guitar we have and falls in love with this one. He bought it and even named it, “The New Skipper.” Thank you Mark. It is nice to know that the pros love the new models too.

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