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The Week of February, 2 2004 through February, 8 2004

Light Tiger Eye Burst with Binding

And continuing our NAMM theme…

When we first became aware of his presence he was standing across the NAMM Show aisle, holding a $129.00 guitar in his hands. When he got our attention he mouthed the words,“ This is better than yours.” He smiled an impish grin, moved to a second guitar of equal value, picked it up, made sure we were looking and again mouthed the same important message. Then, with a mischievously satisfied expression, he set the second guitar down and bounded across the carpeted walkway and into our booth to greet us with joyous friendship. We all agreed on the important role that $129.00 guitars occupy, for without them most of us would never have been able to begin playing guitar. But from the moment he first laid eyes on the new Anderson duo, Pete Anderson (no relation, even though he thinks so) was enthralled. (Editors Note: Pete is Dwight Yoakam’s legendary guitar player.) He had to admit that it was really the Desert Sunset, Hollow T Classic with our new M1in the neck position and the new M-Series equipped Light Tiger Eye Burst, Cobra that floored him. With a gleam in his eye, he played each of them for quite sometime.

Pictured above are Pete and Tom clowning around. But after all that fun, it was time to get serious—sort of.

We caught Jack of Magdon Music rocking and singing to this Hollow Cobra. But who could really blame him? After hearing what the conjunction of hollow sound chambers, mahogany-based construction and twin HO pickups yield, we were all a little reluctant to see this Cobra go. As you know from last week, Jack already got dibs on the Arctic Blue Burst, Hollow Drop Top Classic and the Translucent Blonde, Classic, so he said it’d be okay if we sent this one to his friends at Wildwood Music in Louisville Colorado. Even still, it took us 22 minutes and four cookies to get it out of his hands and into the case at the end of the show.

Possibly the nicest man in all of Rock, Jim West from Weird Al Yankovic’s band dropped by to say hello. He couldn’t help but marvel at the way we chose to display our new M-Series pickups—in the Light Tiger Eye Burst, Cobra, and we couldn’t help but stare at the huge dog-hat he was wearing—until it had to go out. We made him take it off for the picture.

Matthew Von Doran is a wonderful guitar player who, among multiple musical projects, gig at NAMM almost every night of the show. He found himself deeply attracted to this 6120 Tiger, Hollow Drop Top and our Anderson custom-made pillows. (Editors Note: Anderson pillows made by Rachel. She has a degree in textiles, you know.) The guitar went off to Mass Street Music in Lawrence, Kansas, and Matthew went off to another gig with his own Transparent Plum, Hollow Drop Top Classic.

Doug Rappoport of Edgar Winter fame could not resist stopping by the booth to see what Tom was wearing or to check out the Desert Sunset, Hollow T Classic—we’re not sure which. He was certainly enraptured by the addition of the M1 pickup placed into the neck position and VA1 in the middle. Both fraternize well with the robust tonality of the popular TV3 located at the tail. All this and a tremolo-style bridge, with a built-in acoustic pickup, in a super-comfortable contoured body create one amazingly flexible guitar—as Doug demonstrates. Before he left, Doug did ask Tom where he buys his shoes. The Hollow T Classic is now with Adrian at Guitars Etc in Tucson, Arizona.

You’ve heard the expression, “You got to see it to believe it?” Well, you really do have to see Nick Sterling play guitar to believe it. This 13-year-old phenomenon is truly amazing to behold—and more importantly, he is a very nice guy. Together those two attributes will take him far. He has been an Anderson Player and for several years now and stops by our NAMM booth each year with his personal 6120 Orange, Drop Top in hand. We always enjoying seeing him—and so does everyone else, apparently, for every time he plays he draws a tremendous crowd. This young prodigy has opened for some of the biggest names in the music industry. Here is Nick jamming. We call this an action shot. Nick depends on Anderson guitars for their wonderful sound and playability so Nick really wanted to have his picture taken with Tom.

Pathik is a cool guy in many ways. Not only is he a person of inner quality but he is a session player who has played for quite a few artists. He assisted Kelly Clarkson on her first single, “A Moment Like This,” performed with her on the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and on the “Today Show.” He did the “Live from Las Vegas, American Idol Show” and the list just goes on and on and on. He is already an Anderson, Classic player but when he walked into our booth he was immediately drawn to the Translucent Butterscotch, Hollow T Classic. They say that pictures can sometimes capture our deepest feelings. This was certainly true for Pathik. Knowing this Butterscotch, Hollow T Classic had already been promised to The Guitar Shoppe in Laguna Beach, California, he dropped by after the show and ordered one almost identically equipped.

When word finally got out that Jesse (the guru of the Anderson woodshop) was in our booth, we were absolutely mobbed. People were screaming with delight, pushing and pressing in from all sides. You see it is Jesse who, among many other things, selects the maple top that will adorn your next spectacular Anderson guitar. It is for this reason, plus the fact that he is incredibly handsome, that we must keep his face veiled in public. As the crowd pressed in Jesse grabbed the closest available object with which to conceal his true identity. It just happened to be this gorgeous Deep Ocean to Black Burst, Cobra S with a solid-Rosewood neck. The diversion worked like a charm and as the masses went weak-kneed, consumed by the sheer beauty of this wonderful and powerful guitar that ended up at Garrett Park Guitars in Annapolis Maryland, Jesse made his planned escape though a secret NAMM booth passageway. For the next hour an announcer’s voice could be heard at regular intervals throughout the Anaheim Convention Center saying, “Thank you, but Jesse has left the building.” That was a close one!

For more detailed pictures of the guitars and their destinations after the NAMM Show, check out last week’s Guitar of the Week!

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