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…and as you asked, you will receive…welcome to the:

Anderson Guitarworks 2012 NAMM Extravaganza

So fun.

Stay tuned for all the guitars to show their faces here.

This is a mood shot of the NAMM booth itself. Feel the vibe. It is almost as if you are there with us. Featured from left to right are:

Bulldog: finished in Lemon Drop. Very unique—we find this one equipped with the “magic (and quiet)” PQ1 in the neck position to complement and counterbalance the nickel covered HC2 pickup in the bridge—granting extra ordinary versatility. Outfitted by Eric, the owner of Guitar Czar in Salt Lake City, Utah, he now has this wonderful Bulldog in his possession—ready and waiting.

T-Classic Shorty (Short T for short): finished in none other than Black and accented with a Tortoise Pickguard. Nickel clad HC1- at the neck offers a boost and complement at the same time to the hum-free TF3 in the bridge position. Five awesome sounds at your fingertips with the bigger mids of the Shorty scale length. Over-the-top “T” tones for sure! Mass Street Music in Lawrence, Kansas always gets some of the finest Andersons ever…and so they grabbed a hold of this Short “T” too.

7 and counting! Sevens are back in the official Anderson Guitar lineup and can now be ordered anytime you please. This Drop Top 7 in a flamed Fire Burst finish makes this grand announcement very official. Check with Matt’s Music in Boston if you want to know how really brilliant this 7 can shine.

Bulldog Pup was the “killer canine” of the show—blessed by one PQ2 pickup in the bridge position, this is the guitar no one could put down. We had to shoot this shot before the show opened to get it standing still. Lightweight Mahogany body and Fire Breathing “P” tones without any extraneous humming. Indoor Storm in Raleigh, North Carolina, made off with this puppy.

Cobra S, yes. Teddy from Make’n Music has done it again this year, winning the award for the most awe inspiring “Natural” finish yet again. (Last year he did it with the Natural Blue, Cobra) This year it is the Natural Black finished Cobra S!.

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