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Honey Burst

Crowdster Plus 2 with Koa Top

Bulldog, Tiger Eye Burst with PQ pickups

This will be the last installment of NAMM Guitars for 2011.

Have we saved the best for last?

Well, even though each and every Anderson Guitar is built to its highest level and all play as though they are meant for the most important artist on Earth—and they are—you…

…we may have, for with this Crowdster Plus 2, and its new owner, there is a connection beyond the realm of physical life, touching the eternal.

It went like this:

While we were at the NAMM Show, showing all these fine Anderson beauties, Dorothy called the Anderson factory. She had a Koa-topped, Hollow Drop Top on order. She spoke with Iain at the Anderson complex. He shared with her that we had a breathtaking Koa-topped guitar on the NAMM Show floor right now. She was very intrigued and in her excitement wondered if we had taken her guitar to the NAMM Show.

Of course we had not taken her guitar to the show, as we would not take a customer’s guitar to NAMM without asking first, plus, Dorothy had a Drop Top on order and this was a Crowdster Plus 2—a magnificent one—with a one-of-a-kind top that cannot ever be duplicated exactly, as nature never repeats itself—always a unique expression.

How cool is that really!?

Editor’s Note: So when you ask us if we can make you a guitar just like this, please remember it is the trees that have the final say and yours will always be unique unto you and you alone.

After NAMM, Dorothy called to check in and I explained that what we had taken to the NAMM Show was a wonderful Crowdster Plus 2.

I explained the differences:

Her Hollow Drop Top is the ultimate electric guitar, showing off with jet-like playability and a myriad of fabulous electric tones at her finger tips—all presented as a gorgeous S-type electric guitar without pickguard styling, so the whole beauty of the Koa top radiates.

Crowdster Plus 2 is an entirely different instrument. Its core purpose is to deliver the ultimate acoustic guitar tones to you in a live playing situation—where you do not need to make any EQing compromises—just great tone without concession. Crowdster delivers these huge and impressive acoustic guitar tones through the PA so you can impart your songs to the audience without trepidation—a perfect presentation, always. Something no real acoustic guitar can claim in a live playing situation.

The “Plus 2” part of Crowdster means that we have also outfitted Crowdster Plus 2 with 2 special electric guitar pickups that hear and present bronze acoustic guitar strings as an electric guitar. The result is: you can blend your unparalleled Crowdster acoustic guitar qualities with profound and really impressive electric guitar tones that make no apologies whatsoever. Just plug the electric guitar pickups into your electric guitar amp and pedals, while the acoustic side of this guitar is running through the PA.

Utterly Amazing!

This guitar will do it all and is the definitive instrument for any acoustic-based guitar player who would like to have everything at their fingertips—with ease and grace.

Dorothy understood but had never actually seen a member of the Crowdster family before so she asked if I could send her a picture—purely for curiosity sake. I obliged and as I was preparing to send it, I spoke its serial number out loud,


We use a date for every serial number so you can more easily trace each guitar’s vintage heritage.

“Oh my gosh,” she shrieked, did you say, ’01-03-11…’?”

She simultaneously opened the picture of the Crowdster Plus 2 on her computer, exclaimed over it’s total beauty and explained that this Crowdy’s born-on date shares the same birthday as her friend and band mate, Blanch.

Blanch had passed beyond this earthly plane of existence only a few days ago and they were all distinctly feeling her loss. Now this guitar appeared before Dorothy in a time of great depth, bearing the same birthday and signifying their musical and friendship bond.

Dorothy immediately believed this was not mere coincidence. She asked where this guitar had gone. I told her it had been sent to the Mesa/Boogie Factory Store in Hollywood, California. She hung up the phone and called them immediately. She knew she needed to get this guitar before it was sold.

And how did this story end? It ended with a definitive yes…

Yes, she did get this magnificent guitar and yes, it does mean a lot to her. As many artists do, she also named her new guitar. Can you guess what name she chose?

May I introduce you to Blanch…a very fine guitar in honor of a very fine friend indeed.

The Classic finished in Sparkle Charcoal with Black Pickguard

The Classic, Sparkle Charcoal with Black Pickguard

…and then there was…

The Classic

Finished in a gasp-invoking:

Sparkle Charcoal (try and say that 12 times fast, it always ends up sparkle charkle, no way around it).

Its awesomeness further elevated with the inspired appointments of:

• Black matte pickguard

• Chrome hardware

• Chrome (actually nickel) covered bridge humbucker pickup

A match made in guitar heaven, customized by John Barker of Evans Music City in Houston, Texas—for your pleasure—and of course, it plays like a jet aircraft flying 20 feet off the deck—fast and furious.

So resounding was this guitar’s impact that it was certainly the most talked about, stopped and starred at, gawked at, guitar during the opening day of the 2011 NAMM Show—for sure.

It emanates such a strong personality that there is no better description than to say, this Classic possesses an ominous aura that can be very strongly felt under all conditions. Through these written words, we really hope you are getting the vibe of what it was like to stand in the presence of this guitar. The reaction to it by those that stopped by our booth at the NAMM Show was overwhelming.

Powered by twin M1+ pickups in the neck and middle positions, “M” single coil tones yield to nothing in existence and command all within auditory range, while slingshotting into the HC3+ humbucker at the bridge position is a simultaneously impressive muscular and musical experience—as we never offer high-power pickups without pristine musicality purely intact.

This Sparkle Charcoal is just another way of saying you can have your Anderson customized your way—within practical Anderson parameters, pretty much the sky is the limit.

This magnificent guitar from NAMM is long gone however—scooped up ASAP…


As we said above about an Anderson Guitar being customized your way…


Anderson Guitarworks insider information below:

The “Blue Guitar” Shop in San Diego California did just that. Arriving to their door now is their version of this magnificent guitar outfitted as:

• The Classic

• Black matte pickguard

• Chrome hardware

• Chrome (actually nickel) covered bridge humbucker pickup

• Vintage Tremolo bridge

• SC1, SC1 and HC2 pickups—covered in black, black & nickel respectively.

Oh, this one is just flat-out cool!!!

Bulldog with quiet PQ pickups finished in Tiger Eye Burst

Bulldog, Tiger Eye Burst with PQ pickups

May we have all eyes Front and Center, please!

Usually considered a place of exaltation, this is the spot reserved for the one-and-only Bulldog of 2011 NAMM Show fame. It is displayed front and center at the holiest of holy music stores in the Lone Star State of Texas, the Guitar Sanctuary—located near Dallas.

How would you like to hang here and jam awhile?

Inside Guitar Sanctuary

Oh yes, this is the very same Bulldog that turned heads with its Tiger Eye Burst finish, over a flamed maple top, and sonic superiority—fueled by twin PQ pickups—PQ1 and a PQ2 in the neck and bridge positions respectively.

This “puppy” (I just couldn’t resist) elicits 8 musical sounds with ease, via the tradition of a familiar 3-Way toggle and a Push/Pull on each tone control:

• 3 Soapbar selections—full, lush, powerful and wonderful, without loosing the stringy magic for which this style of pickup is famous—sonically yummy, for sure.

• 3 “F-level” single coil-like tones—to be able to cover all bases when you cannot stop to switchover to your Drop Top Classic or The Classic in the middle of a medley.

• Plus 2 combinations of the aforementioned = 8 in total—very fun.

And with these new PQ Soapbars, you can wash yourself clean of systemic single coil noise, as Bulldog does all of this without the distraction of 60-cycle hum. It’s love at first listen. Truly, a sonic Soapbar phenomenon.

And of course, Bulldog would not be Bulldog without escorting you through all your songs with a pleasantness of playability that would please the gods—now residing in the Anderson department of Guitar Sanctuary.

Drop T Shorty finished in Trans Amber Burst

Drop Top, Burnished Orange finish

So as not to cut short the story of the Short T family of oh-so-fine Anderson Guitars debuting at the NAMM Show, 2011, let us continue with the:

Drop T Shorty

Everyone love, loved this guitar, finished in Trans Amber Burst.

What is a Drop T Shorty exactly?

A Drop T Shorty is simply a short scale-length version of our already famous Drop T.

• “T” silhouetted body shape
• Clean look of no pickguard
• Crowned with a gorgeous maple top that is bent (or dropped) to create an extremely comfortable forearm body contour, all supported by a generous tone-wood back, for maximum tonality and comfort in one amazing instrument.

Editor’s note: the shorter scale length of which we speak is the familiar 24 ¾-inch. The traditional scale-length for “T” and “S” style guitars is 25 ½ -inch. So, the Short T is only ¾-inch shorter.

So then, a Drop T Shorty is for the player who craves beauty, a touch more midrange muscle, accompanied by easier string bending and stretching to chords without giving up the pristine character of the “T”.

We outfitted this first Drop T Shorty with a trio of our PQ-series pickups for quiet Soapbar sounds—PQ1-, PQ1-R & PQ2, respectively from neck to bridge. You might say these Soapbars have cleaned up well. You will truly be amazed how rich and multi-dimensional Soapbar-style pickups sound within the domain of “T” and “S”-style guitars. Something that should always have been but never was…until now.

It is the Mesa/Boogie Factory store in Hollywood who has offered asylum to this Drop T Shorty for your playing and performing pleasure and predominance.


Drop Top finished in Burnished Orange Burst

Drop Top, Burnished Orange finish

Drop Top Shorty finished in Sweet and Sour Sauce Red

Drop Top Shorty, Sweet and Sour Sauce Red finish

Oh yes, NAMM 2011 was a blast for all of us. And, of course, we cannot go anywhere with out a Drop Top along for company, as it is one of the company’s trademark instruments.

So then, let’s get the long and short concerning the legendary Drop Top, shall we?

What am I talking about?

Well, I am cleverly using a play on words (or not) to say that not only did we bring a luscious and astounding Drop Top finished in Burnished Orange but we also…

Are you ready for this?...

…brought and introduced the brand new Drop Top Shorty—part of the new Short S-family of Anderson Guitars.

This Drop Top Shorty is finished in Sweet & Sour Sauce Red.

A Shorty, of any variety, is only ¾ of and inch shorter than the traditional scale length so they are almost visually indiscernible from one another.

In fact: most of the time a player is not even aware they are playing a Shorty, all they know is: Sting bending flows easily and blissfully and the reach for those far off notes is not as much of a stretch.

Who then would choose a Drop Top and who would choose a Drop Top Shorty?

What a great question.


• Choose Drop Top if you have always been “one” with the S-style guitar (done right, of course—like all Anderson guitars) and its presence allows you to command the stage.

• Choose Drop Top Shorty if you crave an S-style guitar but have always wanted a bit more midrange muscle without giving up the S’s dominate personality and overall character. Also, choose Drop Top Shorty if you are a player who enjoys the short-scale feel and playability of non S-style guitars but wants to add big S-tone to your arsenal. Shorty makes S-duties easier for all who crave the S but would like it to flow with greater effortless ease while adding a touch of perfected bulk to the midrange frequencies.

For magnificent S tone and playability, this gorgeous Drop Top went to Matt’s Music in Boston, Massachusetts

For blissful assistance of all your S-guitar needs you can experience this brilliant Drop Top Shorty at Guitar Center in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

The Classic Shorty finished in Mellow Yellow

The Classic Shorty, Mellow Yellow finish

So could we?

Could we what?

Could we now offer the T-family of Anderson guitars in a shorter 24 ¾-inch scale length—known as the Short Ts—and not do the same for the S-family?

Editor’s note: See Trans Butterscotch, T-Classic Shorty, which we brought to 2011 NAMM pictured below or in our Guitar Gallery or click the pic.

Brief history: Last year we introduced the Short T-family to the world. Its most notable member to date has been the T-Classic Shorty—a short scale T-Classic guitar still utilizing all the traditional T-woods—a beautiful blending of genres.

Don’t let the name “Shorty” fool you. When players pick one up to play, most are not aware that the guitar is shorter (only ¾-inch shorter than traditional). All they know is the guitar in their hands flows with big tone and performs with greater ease and liquidity.

The typical scenario: They say, “Wow, I love this guitar!” And you say, “You are playing a Shorty.” And they say, “What, this is a Shorty?!” “Okay then, I love the Short T!”

The Short T is for anyone who has always wanted a bit more from their traditional T-guitar, without departing from its basic style and flavor—more mid fullness, easier string bending and a more legato presentation, without loosing any of the T-essence.. Short T is the little guitar with the big voice.

So, back to the S

Oh, it had to be a, “Yes,” to the S:

Introducing the Short S-family (Shorts, for short).

Pictured is The Classic Shorty, finished in Mellow Yellow.

Editor’s Note: We also brought a Drop Top Shorty to NAMM 2011, finished in Sweet & Sour Sauce Red. It was a formidable S-style guitar. More on that one later.

The Short S is also for anyone who has always wanted a bit more from their traditional S-guitar without departing from its basic style and flavor. Short S is the little S with the big voice.

Onboard are two VA7 pickups in the neck and middle positions and our very vintage flavored HC1+ at the bridge—all actuated by our efficient and multi-facetted 5-Way switching and VA Booster.

This Mellow Yellow, Classic Shorty went to Guitar Sanctuary in Dallas, Texas, and they love, love it.

T-Classic Shorty finished in Translucent Butterscotch

Short T Classic in a traditional Trans Butterscotch finish

In short: T-Classic Shorty is the smaller guitar with the bigger tone.

Editor’s note: Guitars of the Short T-family are only ¾ of an inch shorter than the traditional scale length of 25 1/2 –inch so the physical feel is very similar. Many players do not even know they are holding a Short T, they just know they love the guitar they’re playing.

Last year the T-Classic Shorty (affectionately known as a Shorty—get it, Short T—say it fast—Shorty—fun, right) made its appearance. Instantly, a big hit.

Literally a huge benefit to any player seeking the tradition of the “T” but needing a bit more—more girth, more ease of playability, more legato presentation, without loosing any of the T-essence.

For NAMM 2011 we appeared with this T-Classic Shorty, finished in Translucent Butterscotch. Loaded with an HC1- humbucker in the neck and a hum-canceling TF3 in the bridge, this guitar will deliver 10 hum-free tonal combinations from a baby-simple-to-operate 5-Way.

Here is how it lays out:

1. Neck—full power humbucker

2. Neck—single coil tone

3. Neck + Bridge—full humbucker neck

4. Neck + Bridge— single coil tone neck

5. Bridge—rich single coil tone

Pull up on the Push/Pull switch on the tone control to engage the VA Booster and add a 3 to 4 db boost (like we installed the next hotter level of pickup in your guitar) to all settings.

It was Rockit Music in Brea, California, who specced this one with us for NAMM and now has it in stock and ready to jam.

Drop Top 7 finished in Jack’s Pacific Blue Burst

Drop Top 7

In many situations math can be your friend. And this was certainly the case at the 2011 NAMM Show.

Relying on the power of math, it did not take visitors to the Anderson Guitarworks booth anytime to decipher the difference and specialness this Jack’s Pacific Blue Burst, Drop Top brought to the NAMM Show.

Counting on math, let’s do some counting together now:


Did you say 7?

Why yes, 7 it is!

An Anderson Drop Top 7 right before your eyes—the ultimate 7 string electric guitar, of course.

And why…?

In 2010 we re-introduced our Drop Top 7 and Pro Am 7 as a one-time-in-the-year, limited run—and it was a great success. So successful in fact that we have decided to do another limited run for 2011, to deliver sometime during the end of summer. This will mean sign-ups can begin now and when there is a significant number desired, the run will begin.

You may talk with you favorite Anderson dealer or email Roy directly ( and say: “Hey, I want to be on the Anderson 7-string build list for 2011.” Send us your name, email address and phone number (optional) and we will send you a spec sheet to play with, which you can email back to us with all your desired specs filled out—and we can help you decide if you need our guidance in any way.

Now how fun is that?

In the meantime, it was Guitar Asylum in New York (a really great Anderson dealer) who got this beautiful Jack’s Pacific Blue Burst, Drop Top 7 and it is available now!

Bulldog finished in Honey Burst

Bulldog at NAMM Show 2011 Bulldog with Jack of Jack’s at NAMM 2011 Bulldog from NAMM 2011

First up is the guitar that changed everyone’s mind this year. The typical scenario: walking into the booth to see and play an “S” or “T-style” guitar only to walk away an hour later with a new love added to the list…Bulldog. “How can anything play so good?”

Certainly a whole new approach to this genus—like nothing (but another Anderson) you have ever experienced before. Strap in, it is all about comfort—everywhere—and sweet singing tone that is always full and never dull. Resounding is a nicely descriptive word—sustain for days. Everyone who touched it was changed—for good. And good is good…so good.

This one is headed to Jack’s Northeast Music Center. Pictured with Bulldog is Jack. He is a happy man and a very nice man who can be a bit silly and would not stop talking long enough for me to take his picture with his mouth closed…so it’s open. Again, all good and all fun.

Cobra finished in Natural Blue

Cobra, Natural Blue

Cobra, Natural Blue with Teddy

Cobra, Natural Blue with happy Teddy

This Natural Blue Cobra caused much too much commotion in our 2011 NAMM Booth. Teddy from Make’n Music in Chicago, had pre-show specced this one and when he entered the booth we asked him to hold it…well, he could not resist mugging for the camera. A truly nice guy, this Cobra brought out his inner “rock beast.”

Really though, loaded with our new HF1+ and HF3+ pickups, this Cobra pounded and impressed everyone who played or listened to it roar. These big HF-series pickups give awesome saturation and muscle with very vintage and musical flavorings. This Cobra was touted as many people’s favorite guitar of the weekend—certainly impressed me too.

Stay tuned as we will be adding more guitars in the days to come.

Drop Top Classic finished in Maui Kazowie

Cobra, Natural Blue

And a brand new color, Maui Kazowie certainly did wow, seemingly, everyone who stepped into the Anderson NAMM booth, all 4 days of the show. Oohs and Ahs could be heard every time eyes caught sight of this Drop Top Classic.

And why not?

But just where, oh where, did Maui Kazowie go? Which illustrious Anderson dealer will be showing NAMM’s number one color?

Who else, but Dan’s Guitars in Hawaii…of course. Dan’s is on the island of Oahu—small technicality—but Dan’s is considered the Island’s premier place of music.

Mongrel finished in Firemist Gold

Mongrel, Firemist Gold

As people browsed our booth at the 2011 NAMM Show, they came upon this Firemist Gold guitar, would pause, ponder and then exclaim out loud:

“Oh my God…that’s a Mongrel! That is so Cool!!! I have seen it on the Anderson site but haven’t yet seen one in person.”

(The above statement was almost verbatim, every time someone walked up on this Firemist Gold.)

Yes, Mongrel was a huge hit with everyone. And the Chocolate Maple neck only made it better.

And who got it?

Why it was Mass Street Music—a first class Anderson dealer in Lawrence, Kansas—who walked away with this one. And this is as it should be for they are truly the Mongrel kings and are on fire with these guitars after having received our very first Mongrel early last year.

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