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The Week of January, 27 2003 through February, 3 2003

The Classic
Tobacco Burst

Now that was a NAMM Show! Wow! The Crowdster Acoustic was met with so much exuberance that it even took us a bit my surprise. We will go into all the details next week because right now we know that you want to know everyone that you know that we saw at NAMM. Well, we couldn’t get all of them to stand still long enough for pictures but here are some of your friends that came and hung out.

Of course you remember Pete Anderson, of Dwight Yoakam fame; pictured above playing a heavenly Tobacco Burst, Classic with a light weight Swamp Ash body, maple neck and a balanced set of our single coil VA pickups. He was very impressed! This guitar was a show favorite for many of the tradition oriented among us. Always with a trained eye for the best vintage instruments, Willies American Guitars walked away with the prize. Give them a call; I know they’ll let you play it.

Butterscotch, Hollow T Classics are always very coveted for their thunderously crushing signature single coil tone. This one, hiding behind Pete, with its Large 50’s “V” solid maple neck, went to Richmond Music in Richmond, VA.

Now if you were with us for any of the last few NAMM Shows, you certainly remember our friend Nick Sterling. This young phenomenon is an amazing musician who is becoming more refined as a player and a person with each passing year—a testament to great parents I’m sure. He and his aging 6120 Orange, Drop Top draw an awe-struck crowd wherever they plug-in.

Meet Doug Rappoport—Edgar Winter’s guitar player. He stopped by our booth to try out a few things and formulate what he would like us to build for him. He spent the majority of his time enthralled with the Lake Placid Blue, alder Classic. His technique evolves quite a bit of whammy bar but try as he might, he could not take this baby out of tune. Lake Placid was scooped up by the Guitar Center in Cherry Hill, NJ—one of only two Guitar Centers in the country that feature Anderson guitars.

Mark Goldenberg from Jackson Browne’s band had heard that there was a Crowdster Acoustic in the house and ran over to check it out. We forced him to play it—but then we couldn’t get him to put it down and he broke into song. He really plays beautifully.

A party is not a party without Jim West from Weird Al’s band. He couldn’t keep his hands off this Tobacco Fade, Crowdster either—and we are glad because he slipped it into some alternate tunings and dazzled all of us with some gorgeous finger picking. The Brook Mays Pro Shop in Dallas will proudly display this very first Tobacco Fade, Quilted Maple top, Swamp Ash backed, all-rosewood neck, Crowdster.

Did you think for one minute that Pete Anderson wouldn’t be drawn to a Crowdster Acoustic himself? In fact, we finally had to wait until he fell asleep and butter his finger tips before we could pry it from his grasp. This Spruce topped Alder backed marvel is on its way to New York Guitar & Bass. Oh, you will love this one!

Guitar of the Week Regular Readers Bonus Section: Let’s take a quick peek back at some of the NAMM guitars pictured last week but not shown in the foreground this week.

To make it more fun, we bring guitars to NAMM that are unspoken for and available to dealers. Dealers sign up for their favorites and we try to distribute as fairly as possible. Here is how it ended up.

Bora to Transparent Blue Burst, Hollow T Drop Top to Music Arts Enterprises in Fort Lauderdale, FL—Tommy couldn’t stop playing this one.

Tobacco Fade, Hollow Drop Top to Willcutt Guitars in Lexington, KY.

Light Desert Sunset, Cobra with 3 Soapbar pickups was sought after but bound for Mass Street Music in Lawrence, KS.

The lustrous Transparent Plum, Hollow Drop Top without binding to Sounds Great in the United Kingdom—lucky blokes, this one is stunning!

Nothing overshadows this Tiger Eye Burst, Hollow Cobra with the solid rosewood neck—headed for Musicmakers in Austin, TX.

With a poetic flame top adorning the Dark Cherry Burst, Drop Top Classic, it is on its way to Lang Music in Columbus, OH.

The 6120 Tiger, Hollow Drop Top with its Mahogany backed body will make its way to Audio Light and Musical in Norfolk, VA.

And the lovely Eddie from Indoor Storm has acquired this truly stunning Deep Ocean Blue Burst, Cobra S. Some guys…

And finally the Deep Bora, Drop Top that we received 332 calls about is vacationing in Japan.

Editors Note: We would never leave you high and dry, for dealer location and phone numbers check the “Dealers” section of our web site.

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