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The Week of January, 26 2004 through February, 2 2004

Crowdster Acoustic
Tiger's Eye Burst with Binding

Zzzzzzz. Zzzzzzzz. Zzzzzzzz.

Huh, oh, sorry, I must have dozed off for a moment. After a wild and busy week at the NAMM Show and beyond, I just couldn’t hold ’em open any longer. Coffee! Would you like to join us in a cup of coffee? Sit back and we can talk— NAMM talk.

Oh, it was fun and really eventful. We loaded into the Anaheim Convention Center on Wednesday and within a couple of hours were set up and ready to lift the case latches. Into the arms of the guitar stands we mounted 13 lucky and diverse beauties—and even still we only began to hint at the selection possibilities that await true Anderson aficionados.

For power, Mesa/Boogie Amplifiers (who was located right across the isle from us) kindly donated their new Lone Star 1x12 Classic Combo in support of sumptuous electric guitar tones, while the accommodating folks at Fishman aided and abetted our show-stopping Crowdsters and Powerbridge equipped Desert Sunset, Hollow T Classic with the loan of their new Loudbox acoustic instrument amplifier—a very impressive duo for almost any type of gig.

Pictured above are the hands of our very own Chuck (The Dreaded Keeper of the Stone) warming up the Tiger Eye Burst, Crowdster Acoustic for the musicians who would line up to listen, play and experience its majesty throughout the show. It is Chuck who is responsible for all the hauntingly iridescent finishes adorning each and every Anderson guitar.

Come with us and let’s enter the Anderson NAMM Booth! Scanning left to right: standing in the corner and radiating with intrinsic beauty is a Crowdster finished in Natural with its picturesque quilted Maple top upheld by an Alder back—together demonstrating warm and open acoustic tones. The men of Make’n Music in Chicago procured this one for their store.

Next up is a Dark Cherry Burst, Hollow Cobra. More than impressive are the combination of its visibly undetectable hollow sound chambers and clearly musical vintage-output HO-series pickups—HO1- for the neck and an HO1+ residing just in front of the bridge. I’m continually reliving this one’s tones in my head but alas it is now in the care of Wildwood Music in Louisville, Colorado.

Metallic Orange, Classic haunts me day and night. Unable to recover from experiencing this elegantly powerful color in person—especially since this one was enjoined to a rare, fiery-orange highlighted Indian Rosewood soul-mate fingerboard. Gliding along its 1 11/16-inch, 62 Roundback neck while experiencing a set of “VA Boosted” VA12, VA12R and VA23 pickups was a treat unparalleled. It is awe inspiring what a ’23 will do with single notes through the Lone Star’s lead channel, with The Classic kicked to boost and tone control rolled just off of wide open. This guitar went to Tommy at MAE in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but was reserved by one of his favorite customers before he even left the show.

In the age of instant digital pictures, this Arctic Blue Burst, Hollow Drop Top Classic was also designated even before leaving the show floor—going to a beloved customer of Jack’s at Magdon Music. I think you can easily see the attraction. One of the added benefits that digital photography cannot share is the exquisite tonal characteristics made manifest by the hollow-chambered, alder-backed body and “+. 030 T/A Standard” all-Maple neck.

A Mahogany back can add forceful midrange authority to any Drop Top and this stunning 6120 Tiger, Hollow Drop Top is no exception—as Mass Street Music in Lawrence, Kansas, prepares for sonic and visual devastation.

SHOW STOPPER ALERT: Sharp eyes will immediately detect the presence of the new Anderson, M1 pickup located in the neck position of this tri-powered, vintage tremolo equipped Desert Sunset, Hollow T Classic. Versatility has never had it so easy or sounded so incredibly sweet. (Drum roll!) And the envelope please: This one goes to…Adrian at Guitars Etc in Tucson, Arizona. I may drive there myself.

There is no question about it, the lush characteristics of a gorgeous Translucent Blonde, Swamp Ash, Classic with a perfect playing, vintage-tinted solid-Maple neck absolutely loves to step out with a set of VA12, VA12R and VA23 pickups, supporting 14 different tonal combinations. Musical magic at your fingertips, this is Swamp Ash in all its finest glory. Let Jack at Magdon Music confirm it for you. He’s good at that.

Oh yea, and the elusive and coveted Tiger Eye Burst, Crowdster, with its slightly more focused Mahogany-backed tone, is now winging its way to Japan where it will act as the international ambassador of plugged-in acoustic guitar tones wowing them with their first-ever Crowdster experience.

Oh, come this way!

Second from the left is a now legendary Butterscotch, Hollow T Classic. Never failing to elicit an excessive amount of oohs and ahs, this guitar has its strongest appeal with the vintage-oriented among us who worship at the proverbial alter of perfect tone. With one strum this guitar changes lives forever, catapulting itself to the top of everyone’s wish list. It made a believer out of Ben at the Guitar Shoppe in Laguna Beach, California, in just one strum.

There is something about seeing the Bora to Transparent Blue Burst color in person that makes grown men go weak in the knees. They must grasp it, hold it in outstretched arms, stare at the finish and shake their heads in pure reverence. This joyous ritual culminates with the playing of said Hollow Drop Top. Thank goodness it sounds and handles even better than it looks, it will make it easier to explain to the wife. For help with the presentation of this all-important explanation, please contact Kip or Dave at Richmond Music in Richmond, Virginia. They are highly skilled in matters such as these.

For many this was the first time they had ever seen Transparent Teal in person—and they were not disappointed in the least. Fainting was not uncommon. Having witnessed the effects of this color, we got pretty good at catching show-goers on they way down. Fortunately this devastatingly beautiful quilted Hollow T Drop Top sat through the frantic adulation with the poise of monk in meditation and remained untouched by all but the most careful of players—who were wowed into a meditative-like state of their own as they experienced, perhaps, the most versatile guitar on the planet. If you want to take one guitar to the gig that can cover all the bases—this is it! Brian of Metro Music & Elite Music Sales in Montgomery, Alabama, walked away with the prize.

Outfitting a Deep Ocean to Black Burst, Cobra S with an all-Rosewood neck is not always a fair thing to do to the other guitar players in the band but don’t worry, we can make a sonic masterpiece for them too. Added low-midrange fundamental growl being the most notable augmentation, this in conjunction with the H1- humbucker in the neck and H2+ at the bridge offers 6 surprisingly diverse timbres that drove one of the great guys at Taylor Guitars wild and led him to order one of his own. This thunderous trendsetter, however, will make an appearance at Garrett Park Guitars in Annapolis Maryland—lucky!

Last but certainly not least, the most popular girl at the dance was this brand new Light Tiger Eye Burst, M-Series Cobra—so called because it is outfitted with three M-Series pickups—M1, M1 & M2 from neck to bridge. In fact, it was so desired that we received several calls beginning the moment we returned inquiring as to the identity of the store that would be the designated “Keeper” of the Light Tiger Eye tone. And the answer is: Jimbo, Jay and John at the Mesa/Boogie Factory Store in Hollywood, California.

Coffee cup is empty. We’ll have to continue this next week!

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