Guitars Of The Week:
The Week of January, 17 2000 through January, 23 2000

Drop Top
Maple Top on Basswood
Fire Burst

It is so hard to work here. I don’t think Tom realizes what it is like. Here we are every day having fun and surrounded by beautiful guitars that we get to help create. It’s so tough. Why just this week I played Tracy’s Transparent Forest Green, Hollow Drop Top, hum/single/hum pick up configuration, gold hardware and an X-Bridge. It was so beautiful. You should have been here to hear the beautiful humbucker neck tones gushing forth from it when Bob and I were playing around with the song, “I Want You” by the Beatles—a gorgeous guitar with gorgeous tone! But we had to say good-bye to it. So Steve took a picture of it but alias the picture did not turn out as well as we had hoped, sorry Tracy. It may comfort you knowing that the guitar will be yours forever. Lucky guy!

I believe the accent Chinese saying to be correct, “A picture is worth a thousand words” but we need a new saying about digital pictures on the Internet, “Being there is worth a thousand pictures.” With that said we’d like to take a moment and thank technology and everyone involved in creating it for allowing us to share these beautiful guitars with you.

So, Ladies and Gentleman may I introduce to you, “Fireburst”—a new color for maple topped Drop Tops and Drop Top Classics. Just look at them! These are the 2nd and 3rd ones ever done. The Drop Top with the Single/Single/Hum pickup configuration is a Hollow Drop Top with SA1R, SA1 and H2+ pickups. Every possible pickup combination is assessable from the Switcheroo switching system. Strangely enough, both instruments have identical necks--maple with a Madagascar rosewood fingerboard and a +.030 T/A backshape. And of course they both play like liquid butter.

The Drop Top with the Hum/Single/Hum is a solid Drop Top with an H1-, SA1 and H2+ pickups. Since this pickup configuration is controlled by the Switcheroo switching system, as well, it is quite possibly one of the most versatile guitars on the planet.

There is much more I could say but at this time I want you to go back and just look and enjoy. Don’t worry, we will talk more about Drop Top tone in the weeks that follow.

Hollow Drop Top
Maple Top on Hollow Basswood
Fire Burst

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