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The Classic
Translucent Red

The Classic
Translucent Red

The Classic
Translucent Red

The Classic
Translucent Red

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It is at this time of the year that peace seems to come to mind a little more easily and as such reminds us of our truer nature—of love, caring and deep joy—the result of which is real and untouchable abundance flowing around and through us. Just think of it, by knowingly deciding to have a better time the result is actually having a better time—how easy is that? Throughout history how hard have we tried not to see how easy it can be? We argue and insist with logical sounding words that it must be an almost impossible struggle. But the intellect has never had the final say in this world, nor has it ever really known, it just pretends. It is through non-struggle that the door is opened. It is a gift…a hallowed Holiday gift...simply placed right before us.

If you caught Guitar of the Week last week, you know what time it is now…time to unwrap the gifts of the Trans Red, Classic.

In plain sight are two “S-shape” single coil-sized pickups, with slightly larger pole pieces, sequestered in Coffee Dipped covers. These are the new, and now available, SC1-series hum-canceling singles from Anderson. Sonically similar to the new SF1-series but with covers, they have a full-bodied, robustly rich single coil tonality highlighted by shimmering and soft highs that project and surround with soothing sweetness—not a touch of harshness to be found here. It is love at first listen.

Editor’s Note: SC-series and SF-series pickups are also available in a level 2 & 3 as well. SC2 and SF2 for reduced shimmer and a touch more output and SC3 and SF3 for balanced bridge application when running a three single coil-sized setup.

Editor’s Note 2: For a background on SFs check out this Guitar of the Week—paragraph 9.

Catching your eye at first glance is the chrome clad HC2. In essence it is a hot rodded vintage engine that speaks with surprisingly sweet and dominant vintage tones, pumped with a little more saturation and oomph for a smooth and seamless presentation of your favorite riffs and chord passages.

Control of this collection of coils is masterfully administered with the fast and familiar 5-Way array of:

1. Neck
2. Neck + Middle
3. Middle
4. Middle + Bridge
5. Bridge

Push/Pull switch on the tone control adds the bridge pickup to positions 1 and 2 of the 5-Way for:

1. alt: Neck + Bridge
2. alt: Neck + Middle + Bridge

One more secret and added feature pushes this simple switching over the top making it the most versatile and fun around. The mini toggle switch—located between the volume and tone controls. It is a mini 3-Way and functions like this:

1. Pulled back toward the player: humbucker in single mode—like a 3 single coil guitar
2. Middle position: humbucker in full mode for Single/Single/Hum function
3. Push down: singles and humbucker all boosted with the VA Booster—for thicker single coil tones and slightly more saturated humbuck

Editor’s note: Simply put, VA Booster is a color change for the pickup to which it is applied—as if, with the flick of a switch, we rewind your pickup for a little more saturation and oomph while still retaining the same overall character.

The technically minded may like one more click to delve even deeper


• MODEL: – The Classic

• FINISH: – Transparent Red

• BODY WOOD: – Alder


• NECK WOOD: – Maple

• HEADSTOCK COLOR: – Natural Satin

• NECK BACK FINISH: – Natural Satin

• NECK BACKSHAPE: – Even Taper +.030

• NUT WIDTH: – 1 511/16-inch

• SCALE LENGTH: – 25 1/2-inch

• FRETS: – Heavy—Exclusive Anderson Stainless Steel

• BRIDGE: – Vintage Tremolo

• TUNING GEAR: – Locking


• PICKGUARD: – Pearl White




• SWITCHING: – 5-Way with Add-Bridge Push/Pull & VA Booster

• PICKUP COVERS: – Coffee Dipped and Chrome


• STRING GAUGE REQUESTED: – .010-.046 Elixir® with NANOWEB® Coating

• DESTINATION/LOCATION: – Evans Music/Houston, Texas

• 12-10-08A

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