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Shall We Jam your Anderson?  Plug In and Turn Up:


Fun is Fun:

Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) "assists" Christopher Cross as he performs "Ride Like The Wind" on Jimmy Kimmel Live.


Singing and sounding great, Chris is Playing:

The Classic

  • Finish: Black
  • Body: Alder
  • Neck: Maple
  • Pickups: VA7-series

Should we try to do some more?

Or we can leave it to Chicago, with this awesome rendition of 25 or 6 to 4 with Earth, Wind & Fire.

This one is worth a listen…or two…or three.

Keith Howland jams The Classic—oh nice!

The Eagles—They are so right…you just can't hide 'em.  But the good news in all of this, the Truth will always set you free.  What a great band!  Just listen to those harmonies.
Metallica fun for sure.

Lady Antebellum—fantastic songs, as usual, from this band. 

Downtown—very nice tune with great harmony blend—got to hear this one.

...and Clint Chandler on his Bulldog finished in Tobacco Fade w PQ pickups - good dog for a great player..

Sixwire is an impressive band that has been around for a long time—really good players.  Currently they are the backing band on the hit show Nashville

Here guitarist Steve Mandile demonstrates that you really can do it all on an Anderson.  Thanks Steve.

Lady Antebellum—another awesome song for this hot group. 

Here, Clint Chandler takes his Bulldog, with PQ pickups, out for a walk in the song, "Just A Kiss."

Ain't no foolin' around…this is an important message, communicated well. Join us all for a world as it should be. 

Boyz II Men, “One Up For Love.

Alex Kiedaisch contributes to the whole, playing::

Drop Top–Shorty:

  • Finish: Trans Orange
  • Body: Quilt Maple on Mahogany
  • Neck: Chocolate Maple
  • Pickups: HC1 SC1 HC2

Let’s Start at the Top! Anybody BIGGER? Jammin’ on a Cobra in Transparent Black with Natural Back and Sides.

So as we asked above, "Is anybody bigger?"

Well…there is one—his pal! 

Playing a Pro Am in Candy Blue, this guy really does have the moves like Jagger—no question remains.   This is how it is done!

Thank you, Michael - a legacy so large that we just cannot say good-bye. 

And so, a tribute featuring his long-time guitar player Jennifer Batten. 

This is Pathik Desai, a longtime Anderson pro player who plays with Javier Colon. 

(We are linking to Walmart Soundcheck so give it a minute to play.)

Very cool, you can hear 7 songs and videos from their new album.

Pictured is Pathik with his T-Classic in Trans Butterscotch.  In the videos you will see him with:

The Classic:

  • Finish: 3 Color Burst
  • Body: Alder
  • Neck: Maple with Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Pickups: VA1R,VA1 H2+

Congratulations are in order for Lady Antebellum—Vocal Group of the Year & Single of the Year, 2010.

In this moving video of "Hello World," at the 2010 CMA Awards, Bulldog loaded w PQ pickups can be seen in the background–right, in the hands of Clint Chandler.  So nice to play together.

Select full screen & 720p HD for a great experience of a soulful song.

Pete Anderson—awesome guitar player—of Dwight Yoakam fame plus many others. 

Truly an innovator, he has been called the magician musician for his

inimitable playing and producing—Platinum Albums and Grammy Awards back up this affirmation. 

Pete has always held the belief that we are related—Anderson to Anderson.  Who are we to deny him? 

Here Pete demos for our friends at Fryette Amplification. 

Pete Anderson—here is where you will understand the depth of Pete's playing.


Now this is totally Crazy!

Check out Pete Anderson with Dwight Yoakam doing “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.”

Notice how long Pete's Anderson Guitar looks?  That is because it is a Baritom Guitar—our legendary baritone instrument

Dwight and the band playing Fast As You Can—gives you an insight into Pete Anderson's avantgarde yet in–the–pocket playing style.

Ana Carolina.  Expand your experience and check her out. 

She is a wonderful Brazilian artist—performing Pra rua me levar on her Crowdster

You can get a good feel for the richness of finger-style, complex chord intonation and strumming, all in one video.


Joan Armatrading!  Oh so, so good!

No rules when she plays her Crowdster

Crowdster was made to plug through the PA and deliver wonderful acoustic guitar sounds in a live playing situation with no limitations. (see above video)

But for this song Joan runs her's straight into the front of her electric guitar amp for a whole other sonic experience.

With iPods, You Tube, video and even phones that can stream your music, do we still remember the magic of radio?

“Turn On The Radio.”

Here is Reba soundly supported by the always-great Jeff King and his Anderson Classic finished in Trans Plum.

The Alex Band band (formerly The Calling) performing “Wherever You Will Go.”  With The Classic in hand, Daniel Damico opens with a clean M–pickup tone and then launches into the chorus with massive overdrive, courtesy of an HN3 through a Bogner Shiva with 6L6 power tubes. 
Greatness with a lineage directly connected to Woodstock and beyond. And we still (or Stills, as the case may be) love them - more than ever, of course.

Neal Schon shows why he shone and still shines.  Let us kneel in reverence as we watch and listen.
Anderson association has been known to bring benefits.  Lee DeWyze won American Idol 2010. Was it Keith Howland's solo on 25 or 6 to 4? Maybe...or not...but either way, enjoy Chicago & Lee. Congratulations Lee. 

American Idol:  Who to vote for?  Well, based on Anderson sightings...

Special thanks to Steve Mandile from Sixwire

Great song! Great band!  Clint Chandler adds depth and dimension with his soulful slide playing. Enjoy!

Joan Armatrading - Woman In Love (Live Jools... by newcanadian
Yes, you really need to listen to Joan Armatrading - pure talent and touch.
Yea, oh yea, you are going to love Lizz Wright - and Ede Wright and his Deep Ocean, Cobra—proof positive that with it's versatile switching, Cobra can funk it or stomp it.
...and who is the Funk Mystery Man?  Who knows for sure?  Maybe you do but either way he is one funky dude with his Baby Blue, T–Classic—loaded with twin VA5s and a TV3.

Oh yea, the one and only Reba!

Do you think it Strange that Jeff King hooks the song with a CT?

Wake up with Survivor and their timeless anthem.

Frankie Sullivan is jammin' a Tiger Eye (how appropriate) Hollow Cobra with P-series pickups.

Our good friend Christopher Cross leaves no doubt why he won the Grammy for this soulful tune and why he is better now than he has ever been—enjoy.
If you want to know how good Chris really is, try singing along with this video.  The purity!  Now you know why so many artists want him to sing & play with them.
Doug Derryberry is high profile with his Hollow Drop Top Classic, jammin’ and singing on Leno as an integral part of Bruce Hornsby’s band. The one and only Eric Clapton sits in. Great tune!
Enjoy Me’Shell Ndegeocello’s Soul on Ice while David Fiuczynski wahs away his Bora Drop Top.
By the way, Ndegocello means Free Like a Bird in Swahili—how cool is that?
This is a wonderful world we live in—and Daita is a part of it all—enjoy.
…And now for something completely different…
Crowdster plays Crowder (or is it the other way around?): Want to hear one live…see what all the adulation is about? Perhaps there is no better way than to hear a Crowdster with Crowder—yes, a Crowdster Acoustic live and in the hands of David Crowder and the band—fun stuff. Also, notice the electric guitar support, as well—so good.
Anthony Hamilton and guitarist “Big” Fred McLean are extremely Cool!. Fred is jammin’ an Anderson Classic with twin VA5s in the neck and middle and an HF2 humbucker in the bridge—all with VA Boost.
Rod Janzen playing a rippin’ solo on his Trans Butterscotch, Hollow T Classic with Dierks Bentley and the band. You’ll love this one.
Great song, called Fallin’ In Love featuring Fred McLean on guitar. Fred tears it up on an Anderson Classic through a pair of Mesa Lonestars—one set clean and one dirty. Jumping into the solo, Fred is on the VA5R neck pickup with the VA Booster engaged. Enjoy!